Wednesday, October 3, 2012


 Lace White Cami From Old Navy~Hubby got it for me
 Pink Bow Head Band Gift From Secret Santa From Work
 Earring Birthday Gift From Camille(I am Never Naked)(26)
Pink Plaid Fergalicious Shoe From DSW~14.67
Hello Everyone. Today is my 8th day of working in a row. I had no motivation to get dress this morning. I decide I want to wear my pink plaids flats. So I took two color from the shoe and decide I would find a top that color. Well the close thing I had was this Aqua cardigan that I pick up in July from Old Navy.  The close pink I could find was this pink t-shirt which I haven't worn seen last year. Which is mind blog to me. At first I was going to do black dress pants but opted for these Opal Jean that I can now first in to again. I haven't worn them in 2 years. I'm so happy they fit again because they are one of my favorite jeans. For a pop of fun I add this big pink bow. Which we were just talking about yesterday at work.

Which a few co-workers think that its crazy that I'm going to be wearing pink this whole month. but when a customer find out. She told me to keep on doing what I do. That I'm doing an amazing thing. Which so made me day.

We had another blogger sign up yesterday for BBCA.
Here the list so far.

If you want to join in please leave a commet with you name and blog. If you can only do one day that's fine.

pleated poppy

Today Breast Cancer Item is ULTA is having there Annual Salon Cut-A-Thon benefiting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is coming up in less than two weeks!


  1. We admire your dedication to the cause!! Keep at it!

    xo ~
    Mendi & Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Loving the pink and aqua together! 8 days in a row? hopefully get a day off soon.

  3. You look adorable. :) I love the pink and teal together!

  4. LOVE the outfit and I want to THANK you too, I am a two time breast cancer survivor and love that you are blogging for awareness!!

  5. Cool bow!

  6. LOVE the pink bow- it is so feminine and suits you to a t! What nice feedback from a customer, it is a great cause and I can't wait to join in!

  7. Hi Amy, how are you? I found you through H&K. I am glad to be wearing Pink as often as possible this month for the Breast Cancer A-Wear-ness so I am linking up today's outfit, with you. Thank you. It is a great cause and thanks for doing it.

    Stop by my page when you can. Ada. =)

  8. I definitely want to do a day, I just don't know what day yet:-)

  9. Very nice. I like this post.
    Happy Friday,

  10. Nice loop, darling!
    Have a wonderful day!


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