Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIWW: Take Two on Scarf Vest

Silver Skinny Belt came with my Wallflower Double Bling Belt Skinny Jean
Green Screw Earring From Claire's~6.95 Euro(9.42Dollars)
 Polaroid sunglasses won from ElleSees blog 11-20-12
White Pony O From Walmart
 Silver Sperry From the PX~17.97
Hello Everyone. First sorry if I haven't been around to your blog in the last couple of days. The blogger reader was acting up. So I started to use bloglovin to read your blogs. Which I don't have all of you blogs loaded in to my bloglovin. So I was trying my best to add your blogs to my bloglovin. Which I came across a few blogs that didn't have bloglovin. So if you have a bloglovin. Can you please drop the link in the comments. So I can make sure I'm following you. Also don't forget to add me to your bloglovin. 
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For today outfit I felt like wear a scarf. Which I didn't want to wear it around my neck due it to hot. So I decide I would try making the scarf in to a vest again. I first try this out in January. Which if you go to that post you will see direction on how to make this vest. The scarf I used this time was short then the last scarf I used. So I belted it to keep it closed. Which I total love how this outfit turn out. It is simple but still cute. Plus I got to wear my green screw earring again. Which I don't get to wear them much due to I don't wear green a lot. I actually have a green skirt in my closet that I have yet to wear.
On a side note. I had to put my starter industrial earring back in. Due to I lost my metal bar. I took it out the other night and now I can't find it. I hope it will turn up. Normal when I stop looking for things. They turn up.

pleated poppy


  1. You look pretty doll love the scarf.

  2. Queda muy bien el pañuelo puesto así.

  3. there should be a way on bloglovin to load all of your google stuff in there. that's what i did.

    1. I did that a few years ago but since then. I added more blogs to my Blogger reader. I just look on bloglovin a few minutes ago and couldn't find away to import them again.

  4. Love how u wore this scarf! Such a great idea :)


  5. You look so pretty in that last photo! I'm on bloglovin' here

  6. I love it as a vest! What a fun way to wear it!

  7. Love the color of your scarf and how you are wearing it! cute outfit
    from the link up, jess
    please stop by

  8. you look great! love the scarf.

  9. This is so cool darling!
    New post up on my blog, let me know your opinion about it!

  10. great look dear..i like the way you wear your

  11. Great idea with the scarf! It looks great!

  12. I love the scarf worn as a vest. I like the stripes and the green color. Plus, I am loving the skinny belt over it.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  13. That scarf looks great as a vest! And I love using bloglovin read blogs!

  14. I am loving this outfit!! I need to get a small belt to try this!! :)

  15. it's cool amy thanks for sharing =)thanks for the visit. by the way I have a new giveaway in my blog. =) feel free to join =)

  16. I love this outfit. Great idea with the scarf!

  17. Love the look and the sassy posing!


  18. Ooh this looks really great! I think it looks good belted and I love the green scarf!


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