Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WIWW:Crazy Night

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Hello Everyone.  If you follow me on Instagram. Then you might have saw the 500 pound World War ll bomb. That was find yesterday. It was found at 2 pm yesterday at a  construction site. Not to far from my house.  It very commend to find bomb at construction site. Here in Germany. We have had a few that have gone off and made sinkhole. This was the first one so close to my house.

Which at the time they announced about the bomb I didn't think anything of it. Mainly do to they didn't know the size of it yet. So my husband and me went on with our plan to go check out a few store and go out to eat dinner. The polizei (German for police) were out and had street blocked off. Which cause traffic to be back up. Which didn't brother us due to we walk downtown. Since it not far from the house.

At 5:30 pm they started to evacuated people from there homes in a 500 meters radius. Which we had no clue about. Due to we were out and not checking our phone.  They schedule to defused the bomb at 8:30 pm. On are way home there was more polizei out. Which we didn't think anything of it. 

We stop at a corner waiting for the light to change to green. Which the polizei told us to just go ahead and walk across the street. Due to they weren't letting traffic in or out.  We are now closer to home and by a women polizie. When the defusing of the bomb went off. The polizie out loud told us it was the bomb that when off. 

So now we are at the street we need to go down to get home but there was a polizie there. He told us we couldn't go down the street. Which we can see people already walking on the street. So I tell him I just want to go home. Mind you I have no clue that people have been  evacuated  from there home. I then ask him if the next street is open. Which is are street. 

He told me yes. So we walk up to that street and come home. When I get home I find out that all the street around us have been evacuated. Our street was the only street that didn't get evacuated. The whole thing was sure scary and make you think to have an emergency plan in place. For thing like this.

Lucky for us we have friends that we can stay with. I was talk to my neighbor after I got home. To make sure we didn't get  evacuated. Which he said no and then ask where we would go. 

On top of the bomb yesterday. Around midnight in the town over from us. Has a bridge coming done. Which they closed the bridge off until they can get it fix. The bridge is from the 1960's.  The bridge is a major bridge to get to a from the towns. So let me tell you. I had a fun time dropping my husband off at work and will for sure be leaving super early to get him from work. 

Dressing Dallas pleated poppy


  1. Love ur scarf n boots!

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  2. You look amazing really want that scarf is perfect.

  3. Oh dear, that sounds real scary, dear! I thought you were reciting about some novels at first. Lol! Glad you guys are safe........ xoxo

  4. Oh my that sounds pretty scary. Glad everything went well.

  5. Amazing outfit!

  6. Hope you're ok Amy and have recovered from the shock!
    Emma | Fluff and Fripperies

  7. Hope you are ok, now!
    Nice outfit!

  8. So stylish, I love this look :)

    Camille xo

    1. PS. Hope you are ok after such a scary evening xo

    2. Thanks Camille, We are doing well. Just keep our eyes out on what has been happening to the bridge.

  9. Wow, what a scary story! I am so glad you guys are ok!

  10. Amy that jumper is gorgeous! I love it!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  11. That's crazy that they are still finding bombs from WWII!! That's good though that it was far enough from your house that you didn't have to be evacuated, but it's true its always good to have a plan in place just in case!

    1. It sure is. They still test the bomb siren to. That they used to warn people that bomb were coming down. The first time I heard it go off it freaked me out. Lucky we find out what it was.

  12. such a cute entry
    i adore the boots so much <3
    follow for follow?

    hope you too visit my Blog <3

  13. You look very classy and chic Amy! Love your scarf so much, great pop of color :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  14. Super cute!! Love it!! -

  15. What a crazy story! Hope the defusing went off ok and no one was hurt or anything!

  16. Great look! You look so pretty, Amy.

    The Closet by Christie

  17. Thankyou so much Amy!!!! :D

  18. Gosh what a scary story! I'm glad to hear you're ok after the bomb scare! I can't even imagine something like that.
    Your sweater is adorable by the way!


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