Wednesday, October 2, 2013

BBCA DAY 2: Basebell T-Shirt

Pink Plastic Bead Necklace From Walmart~2.50
Pink Shoe From Target~9.74

 Hello Everyone. As I was going throw my solid shirt the other day. I came across this pink baseball t-shirt. I was like this shirt will be prefect for BBCA. Plus it a rediscover item. Which I haven't had one of those since July. The last time I wore this baseball t was in December 2010. Which if you been following my blog you know that one of my new year resolution was to rediscover clothes. Which so far I have rediscover 11 items. 

 Fitbit came out with a new fitbit flex for breast cancer awareness. For everyone that is purchase they will donate 10 dollars to the  American Cancer Society.

If you haven't heard of fitbit there an activity tracker. They track you steps and sleep. Also other things. Hubby and me used one when we did Insanity.. If you are trying to loss weight they really help you keep track of how many calories you burn off. Hubby still use his. He actully upgrade his to the flex. Which the flex are waterproof. Which hubby like that he doesn't have to take it off to take a shower. 

 pleated poppy



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