Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WIWW: Super Smash Bro

 Super Smash Bro Brawl City From Arcade Block
 Space Invaders Tie From Loot Crate
 Black Wedge Uggs From DSW~69.98 

Hello Everyone. If you follow me on Instagram. Then you know I got my new furniture in yesterday. Which I'm in love with my new couch. It so nice to sit on. That I have already took a nap on it. Today I will be moving clothes in to my new dresser in my bedroom. Also might get rid of a few things. 

Since I have gotten a few new t-shirt over the past few months due to Arcade Block. My husband sign me up to get a subscription to Arcade Block last year for a few month.  He mainly did it so he could get action figures and things. What we would do is I got the t-shirt to keep and whatever else I want to keep. Which wasn't much. Due to I'm not really in to that much nerdy stuff. 

My husband would get the nerd block for himself as well as loot crate. When it came time to renew the subscription to Arcade Block and nerd block. We decide to cancel them. Due to it was to much money to be spending on a subscription box. The subscription to Arcada Block and nerd block is 19.99 +shipping and all we were really like is a shirt.  When we both now we can find fun t-shirt for cheaper online.

We decide we both would only keep one subscription box. So my husband get loot crate. Which we both get excited when it get to the house.  In January box it had a few things in the box that my husband didn't see himself wear. So he gave them to me. The one thing was this skinny tie. That I'm wearing as a head. Another thing is some fun sunglasses. Which will be showing up on the blog in the summer time.  

 For my subscription box I decide to do Ipsy Bag. Which over all I'm liking getting them. I do get them a month behind everyone else. Which I was mad about at first but I got over it. It the price I pay for living oversea. The only negative that I have to say about Ipsy is I don't like all the lotion I get. I did change my profile on there site. So hopeful I won't be getting lotion everyone month. I do plan on doing a post on all the favorite item I have gotten from them. 
pleated poppy


  1. i have never played that game. have heard everyone loves loot crate

    1. I don't think it an actually game. Loot crate and arcade block make up there own shirt.

  2. so funny!

  3. Lucky you that he didn't want it! You look so cute!

  4. That is pretty cool to get the t-shirt and he get the action figure.

  5. So fun, cool tee! :D

  6. Lovely post, as always! I had fun reading this.


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  8. what a top! you look so fun!
    I'm also was shocked to realize I haven't followed your instagram! can't believe it!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  9. You look very cool, nice tee shirt!!!

  10. Nice
    love ur top

    New Post in

  11. Awesome !!



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