Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tough it out Tuesday: Fitness Update

Hello Everyone. It's been a few month since I have done one of these post. So what I have been up to the last two month. A lot of traveling and not eating as health as I was. Which all in all I'm fine with what I'm weighting what now. Yes it no where close to my goal weight but I'm okay with that. 

As for working out we brought a stationary bike. Which I have been using. Since I gave up on insanity in July. Due to we rearrange the living room and no long have the room to do it in there. Plus I want to get back in to run. Which I have and been loving it. Right now I'm training with my husband for the Paris half marathon. That is in 2015. Which so far are training is going good. 

This half marathon with be our first one. Which I super excited to run on. Plus after I run it. I can mark it off my bucket list.  I will try my best to get back in to doing these update once a month again.



Monday, September 22, 2014

Skirt and Ruffles

Sunday September 21, 2014
Audrey Hepburn T-Shirt From Old Navy~10.50
Ponte Knit Circle Skirt From Old Navy~17.48
 Unisex Full Frame Plastic Glasses in Black C/O Firmoo
Necklace Birthday Gift From MIL Peggy(25th Birthday)
Black Circle Earring From The PX
White Ruffle Sock Gift From My Friend G
Madden Girl Heels From DSW~27.97

Hello Everyone. I hope you all have a great weekend. My was a full weekend with hang out with friends. I wore this outfit to the sip and see. Which let me tell you all my car anxiety kick in big time yesterday. Which this is one thing I have never talked about on the blog before.

I have really bad car anxiety. What this mean is when I have no clue where I'm going or haven't driven that way before. My car anxiety kick in and I freak out a little bit. This only happen when I'm driving by myself. So yesterday I was going to the sip and see. I had the address in the GPS on my phone. Well at one point it had me turn down this road. When I got half way down the road. There was no longer a road. Due to it was being worked on. I had no where to go. So I had to do an u-turn and pray that I did't end up in a dig. After  I made the u-turn. The GPS kept telling me to go back that way. That's when my car anxiety kick in. I end up pulling off the side of the road. Turn off the radio and pull out the big GPS. Thinking it would send me a different way but it didn't. Now I'm at the point I'm late and was thinking to myself I should just go back home. Which I didn't.

I finally saw detour sign. That I end up taking. Which it lead me to a dirt road. That I had to take. As I was on the dirt road I was slipping and sliding. Do to the the fact it was raining out. Mind you I wasn't even driving that fast. After I got off the dirt road. I  was one regular road again and saw people car in the ditch do to they slide off the road. Due to Germany roads can be very curvy. Which at that time that was the type of road I was on.  When I finally made it to where I needed to be. The street the house was on was up a huge hill. Which they was no way I could handle driving up it. So I park on the street at the bottom of the hill. Then walked in the rain to the party. Which I had an okay time at.  When I got back home my friend text me to make sure I made it home safe. Due to I told them all the crazy drive I had to get there. I thought it was super nice of her to check in on me. 

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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hello Everyone. Today I'm going to share with you pictures that didn't make it in to my daily post. Over the last couple of months. Some are just straight up funny. Then there some I think to myself. What in the world was I doing. As blogger we all have some kind of pictures like these. 
 Eye closed photo's. 
For some odd reason I close my eye a lot when taking blog photo's. It drive my husband up a wall. Also don't ask me what I was doing in the last photo because I have no idea. 
 Hair Flips/Fixing my hair.
I try my best to move my hair out from the front of my face. That way I can show off the earring I'm wearing. 
Open mouth pictures
I wish I had an explanation for these photo's. I just don't. In no way or shape. I'm I trying to be Miley Cyrus. In other new when I have my mouth open I keep my eyes open. 
Blurry pictures
Some time we can't get the camera in focus.
 Fixing myself
Sometime I have to fix part of my outfit. Which that doesn't mean the camera stops rolling.
Last but not least two outfits. I took these photo for an outfit of the day post but they never made it to the blog. Due to I wasn't really happy with the outfits. 

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Friday, September 19, 2014

You Better

You Better Make more than I can Spend T-shirt From Abercrombie and Fitch ~30.00
Navy Blue Lace Cami From Old Navy-2.70
Navy Blue Eddie Bauer Sweater Zip Up Hand Me Down From L
Crystal Jeans From CR~7.49
Flower Earring From CR~2.40
White Slip on Shoe From New Yorker~ 4.95 Euro(6.67 Dollars)

Happy Friday Everyone. I don't know about you but I'm glad it the weekend. It has been a busy week for me. Which this weekend is going to be busy for me as well. Tomorrow we have friends coming over to celebrate my husband birthday. Then on Sunday I have a sip and see to go to. Basically it a baby shower but after the baby is born. 
Since I have nothing going on today. Which is super nice. I decide I want to go with a nice and relax looked. So I pull out this graphic t-shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch. Which I haven't worn in two year.  Since it a little chilly out. I added this zip up that I go from my friend L who lives in the state. Which I have worn it before but not on the blog. So that why today outfit is a semi-remix outfit.