Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone,  Here are some highlight from yesterday Easter party. We had an egg hunt. Which all the kids enjoyed. My friend even hide something in her yard for me.  There also was tons of food. 


Friday, April 18, 2014

Fedora Friday

 Wallflower Double Bling Belt Skinny Jean From The Px-29.00
Owl Necklace From Pimkie 1 Euro(1.37 Dollar)
Brown Boots From DSW~ 41.97
Happy Friday Everyone. The weather has been so nice and now it back to being cold again. Which made it a little hard for me to get dress this morning. I finally settle on my favorite ivory sweater. Then added a necklace and this hat. Which when I walk outside to get mail. My fedora about flew away.
Tomorrow I will be celebrating Easter with a group of friends. It should be a lots of fun. I'm making a cake with pink frosting to take over to my friends house. My hubby is making his mango salsa to take over there. 


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thanks Beautify
Thanks Glamour Zone
Hello Everyone. Last week I got the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Beautify and
Glamour Zone. Thank you ladies very much. I can't tell you how much this means to me to get this award. 

1.Thanks the person who nominated you
2.Add the very inspiring blogger award logo to your post see more
3.Share 7 things about yourself
4.Nominate 15 bloggers who inspires you
5. Include sets of rules to your post
6.Inform your nominees by commenting on their blogs
7 Things About Me
1. Hubby and me share a car
2. I own over 100 nails polishes
3. Lobster and Shrimp are my favorite food ( So miss being able to go to Red Lobster)
 4. I take a lot of picture 
5. I'm a Detroit Lions Fan
6. I love find new ways to wear my clothes
7. My goal for the year to to keep running/training. That way I can do the half Marathon in Paris next year. 


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIWW: On Wednesday We Wear Pink

 Pink Tank Top From VS~ 16.50 or 2 for 24
Pink Circle Gem Earring From Claire's~6.95 Euro(9.42Dollars)
Pink Headband From Target~0.50 cents
Guess Pink Wedge From DSW~41.96 
Hello Everyone, First off I want to thank you all for your nice and sweet comments on yesterday post. It seem like this week is turning in to a rediscover clothes week. If you have been reading my blog. Then you know that I put myself on a shopping ban. I'm happy to tell you all on Monday I hit 30 days without buy any new clothes. Also right now I'm 44 days with out buying any new shoe.
Today rediscover items is my white semi-sheer top that I got from Kmart during the Fashion Blogger Style off. That I did back in 2012. The last time I wore this shirt was June 2013. I so plan on wearing this top a lot more this spring and summer time. 
pleated poppy

Shout out to my Oma. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have an amazing one. 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Freedom Run 5K

My T-shirt and Coin I got for doing the 5K. 
Hello Everyone. Thank you all for your awesome comment on last Tuesday post. I can't tell you how much it meant to me. 

On Saturday April 12, 2014 I ran in the Freedom Run 5K. I'm happy to report I beat a lot of records this day. Which is awesome for this being my first 5K. 

The picture above are pre-race. I was super pumped and excited to get my run on.

Pink UA  Short Sleeve Shirt From The Px-20.00
White Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt Christmas Gift From Hubby(2011)
Black UA Perfect Pants From The Px-40.00
Pink Headband that say I thought they said rum From Hubby
Pink Prada Glasses
Atomic Pink Nike LunarGlide+ 5 From Road Runner Sports 80.96(Gift From Hubby)
White Nike Plus Watch Gift From Hubby

The 5k end up being a 3.35 mile run. Which I so want to stop running after I hit the 3.10 mile mark. My friend G was by my side and helped me push it thru to the end. I'm so glad she was able to be there for my first 5k. Since she leaving to go back to the states in a week for good. 

After My 5k
I finished my 3.10 which is a 5k in 33:09.  Which I cut some time off of it from my training. I end the total run at 35:46. My total pace over all was a 10'40. 

I also ran my fast mile on Saturday which was a 9:41. My next 5k run is May 31. I hope that I will keep on improving each time. 

I also want to give a huge shout out my friend AR for getting a picture of me as I across the finish line. Your the best. Thanks Again. 


Monday, April 14, 2014

Waldgeist Xxxxxl Restaurant Part 3

Pink and Black Zebra Headband Birthday Gift From MIL Peggy(2012)
Pink Circle Gem Earring From Claire's~6.95 Euro(9.42Dollars)
Dr Scholls Shoe From DSW~18.88

Hello Everyone. Today I'm linking up with Two Birds for Inspiration Monday. Once I saw the picture they pick for this week. I knew I could recreate the outfit. Plus It gave me a chance to wear my pink blazer again. Which I haven't worn since December 2012.  Also my tank was another rediscover item. It hadn't been worn since January 2013.
Me and my 2 liter of beer. In DAS BOOT

On Saturday night we went to Waldgeist. For a friends going away party. This make hubby and my fourth time eating here. Each time we go we try something new. Also we take turns on who get to drink beer. Well this time around it was my turn to drink. So I went for the 2 liter of bananenweizen. Which I got drunk off of it. It doesn't take much for me to get drunk.  All my friends told me yesterday that I'm a fun/happy drunk. So I guess thats a good thing. 
Drunk with my empty boot. I got to hot. So the blazer had to come off.

My Hubby decide he want to try the record Schnitzel. Which is 2.5KG of Schnitzel. Well he didn't break the record. He was only able to eat two Schnitzel and that was it. He ended up packing the leftover and bringing them home with us. Which we ended up eating for lunch and dinner yesterday. 

The yummy strawberry cake I had. 

See part 1 of  Waldgeist.HERE and part 2 HERE


Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Frist Time Tag (1200 Post)

  Hello Everyone. Today's post makes my 1200 post on my blog.  I ran my first 5k yesterday. Which I will tell you more on that during the week. If you follow me on Instagram. Then you might have saw the picture of me crossing the finish line. 

 I was tag last week by Galaxia of Hopeful Kiss A Pink Lipstick Life! To do my first tag. This should be fun and interesting. So lets get started. 

first best friend

My first best friend was JK. We were friend all the way thru high school. Now we don't talk to each other. We are Facebook friends. So we get to see what each other are up to. 

first record ever bought

Hmm. This is a hard one. Going to have to say Usher. 

first school crush

Sadly I can't tell you because I don't even remember.

first kiss

Was with a guy named G. When I was in middle school.

first celebrity crush

Justin Timberlake.  I had all my bedroom wall covered in magazine picture of him.

first pet

A black poodle named Kelly.

first gadget

 Either my game boy or my boombox 

first big purchase

My Ford Focus. Which I sold when I lived in Michigan.

first blog post

 Friday, July 23, 2010

Amy Fashion Blog

This Blog is going to show my fashion. Also what I wear on a everyday basic to work and just chilling at home. I will tell you how much it cost me. Also the stores I got the items at. I started this blog because I love showing off my outfits. I hope you enjoy.

first make-up
It was a bottle of nail polish. 

I tag everyone. Who would to do this tag.