Monday, February 25, 2013

February Monthly Spending Total and Saving Recap

2-8-13 Big Buddha Amber Boots From DSW Normal 49.95 on clearance for 30%=34.96-30% employee discount=24.47~ DIDN'T NEED
2-8-13 Suede Cleaner From DSW 3.95-30% employee discount-2.76(Not Pictured)~ NEEDED 
2-13-13 Shoe Lace From Finish Line 2.49-Free Coupon~ FREE
2-13-13~ Lacquered Anchor Circle Earring From Forever 21~1.50 DIDN'T NEED(Not Pictured) in Pink
2-13-13 Brown Vest From Van Heusen Normal 68.00 on clearance for 85% off=10.20-10.00 coupon=.20 cents~ DIDN'T NEED
2-14-13 Gorgeous Inpearl Travel Bag From Bare Minerals Normal 24.50 on Sale For 19.50-10% coupon off=17.55~NEEDED(for my secret)
2-14-13 Prime Time From Bare Minerals 23.00-10% coupon=20.70~ NEEDED
2-14-13 Eyeshadow Pallet From Bare Minerals Normal 40.00 on Sale for 24.50-10%=22.05~DIDN'T NEED
2-16-13 2 pack boot socks From GanderMTN~22.99~NEEDED
2-16-13 Hunting Socks From GanderMTN~15.99~NEEDED
2-16-13 Wader Socks From GanderMTN~21.99~ NEEDED
2-17-13 Suave Dry Shampoo From Kroger~2.99~NEEDED
2-18-13 Buxom  Shimmer,Shine and Smoke 4 piece eye,lip and face collection Free From Sephora with 500 points
Forever 21 2-18-13
Black Bow Headband Normal 3.80 on clearance for .99-50% off=.49 cent~ DIDN'T NEED
Pink Studs with a bow on them Normal 3.80 on clearance for .99-50% off=.49 cent~ DIDN'T NEED
Love Necklace Normal 3.80 on clearance for .99-50% off=.49 cent~ DIDN'T NEED
Pink Flower Earrings Normal 3.80 on clearance for .99-50% off=.49 cent~ DIDN'T NEED
 Hello Everyone. It that time again to show you all what I brought for the month. Which I did bad this month. I just went on a crazy shopping spree. The sale were to good to leave the stuff in the store.  I broke my Clothes shopping ban this month. Which I'm fine with. I was able to go 6 month and 13 days with out buy new clothes. Which I'm super proud of myself. 

As of today I have got 17 days with out buying shoe and 12 days with out clothes.

Total Spending for the Year
Total Saving for the Year


  1. LOVE those boots you got! They are seriously so cute!

  2. Those boots are awesome! So darn cute. Going 6 months without shopping is definitely somethng to be proud of.

  3. I cant believe you lasted 6 months without shopping. girl you are my hero. PS I have a Givaway going on, hope you’ll stop by! Knock your Socks Off Giveaway

  4. I am seriously in love with that vest!! SO cute! Great job Amy, you found some amazing deals!

    Statements in Fashion

  5. I love those floral boots. They are one of the prettiest pairs of shoes I have seen in a long time.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  6. Hi!! Thanks to visit us...Following you now can u follow us back? Kisses

  7. Great reflexions sweety, NEED or Not, I should do that,
    have a nice week

  8. Looks amazing,love!

  9. Hi dear nice post wana follow each other?

  10. such a cute pair of booties!

  11. Wow you sure scored some great goodies this month.

  12. I've missed your blog sweety! You've changed few things in here!!!!! Looking forward for your next post!
    6 months without shopping? Good for you. In Greece specially in my town we don't have good sales so that we can stay away from shopping therapy but 6 months are a lot!!!!!!

    1. p.s. forgot to mention that I like your vintage boots!!

  13. Lovely boots !!
    I love them :)

    New post - Kisses

  14. Wow...6 months without shopping. I think that's pretty impressive as much as we are surrounded by it. And I have o say, you had some really good buys. And there's a close-up of those boots. Love them. Maybe I should try a shopping ban. Debbie @


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