Friday, September 27, 2013

German Class Outfit

September 26, 2013
UA Performance Heat Gear White Long Sleeve Shirt From UA Outlet~17.97
Hello Everyone. On Thursday I go to German Class. So far I have learn how to say my name in German and where I came from.  I also know how to say beautiful in German. Hubby can still speak better German then me. One day I will get there. At least now I can some what speak to my Oma in German. 

For class I want to be warm but also comfortable. Over all I will have to say I like how this outfit turned out. This outfit first started out with a plain white t-shirt but then I got cold. So I put on a white UA long sleeve on. Which this is my first time wearing this  UA(under armour) Performance heat gear shirt. 

Before we left the state hubby and me hit the UA outlet up because we didn't think we where going to be able to get it over here in Germany. Well when we got here and went window shopping. We find out you can get it here. When we lived here back in the early 2000 you couldn't get it. So we are super happy that we can get it over here this time because we both are big UA wearer's



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