Monday, April 18, 2011

Project Pajama's Second Addition

Picture Taken on 4-11-11

Blue Abercrombie Sweat Pants From Abercrombie ~ 6 to 7 years old
MSAA(Michigan High School Athletic Association T-shirt From sophomore year in High School~ 9 years old
Blanket From Target
The Pajama Project

Hello Everyone. Welcome to the second addition to Project Pajama's. Today I'm wearing my all time favorite sweat pants. I have almost wear these baby out. They have a baby hole in them. No Abercrombie tag inside due to it fall out. I no longer have drawstring on them anymore. Actually cut the other piece off last week. These pants are super comfy and you don't get to hot in them when you sleep in them. Which is a good thing. So I guess you can see why they are my all time favorite. 

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  1. Cute- you look so comfy cosy! Nothing better than a worn in pair of sweats!

  2. you look way cute !!! and comfy love the high ceiling in your house !!!

    OMG 8 at ross orange jacket that's crazy mine was 40 bucks at Charlotte Russ in which I feel ripped off =(

  3. Now I wanna be in my pjs! You look very comfy, Im jealous!

  4. You look uber-comfy!! I love my pjs to their deaths too!! I will be sharing some of my favorite comfy ones too!! Thanks so much for participating!! =)


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