Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Inspire Swap

Hello Everyone. Back in June I sign up for the inspire swap. That  Rachael of The Rachael way and Meghan of They call her Meghan hosted. The swap reveal was on July 2. The reason why this post is over a month late. Is due to the package I sent to my partner Becky of  Mise En Place. Took a month to get to her. Which I was super worried it got lost in the mail. So I was super happy when she told me last week she got her package.

I had so much fun getting to know Becky. With the little time we had to get to know each other before we had to ship are boxes out. The reason why we didn't have much time was due to Becky live in Australia and I live in Germany. So we were trying to get are boxes to each other before the swap deadline. Which as you readied my box didn't make it in time. The box Becky sent me took only 2 weeks to get to me but for some odd reason my box decide to take forever.  One thing we learned about each other is we are July babies.

Thanks aging for being an awesome swap partner Becky. I truly love everything you sent me. I will be used and eating everything you sent me. Even the box you mailed the package in will be getting reused. 

What Becky sent me
~Australia Post Card~ Which will be hanging up on my cork board
~Paper Mate Pen~ Which I'm always on a hurt for a pens to use
~To do list~ I love making list. So this notepad is going to come in handy
~2 Celebrity balm~ These lip balms smell amazing
~Allen's Killer Pythons Gummy~ If you read my blog on a regular basic. Then you know I'm a gummy bear fan.
~ 2 Pink cupcake oven mitten~ Which are going to be put to good use. Since the ones I had were going bad.

You can see what I got Becky HERE.



  1. How cool the box is as cute as the items and I know you will put to good use and also how nice you both are July babies.

  2. great post, love every :)

  3. Aw! U got such cute things! Love the oven mittens :)


  4. Nice stuff :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  5. very cute!

  6. What a fun idea! And I love the stuff you got, how cute!

  7. Great products dear :)

    Kiss Tea

  8. What a fun box! The oven mitts are super cute!

  9. What a fun swap! You got some great things!

  10. such great swap!


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