Saturday, November 29, 2014

Monthly Nail Recap/Last FL Outfit

Janet and Me
 November 19,2014
Day 10 of Florida Vacation
Pink Burnout Longsleeve From UA~ 13.97
Skinny Kicks From American Eagle~15.99
White Gem Earring From On Style 200 Czech Republic Koruny(9.78 Dollars)
White Slip on Shoe From New Yorker~ 4.95 Euro(6.67 Dollars)

Hello Everyone. This is my last Florida post. Since this is the last outfit from my trip. I have tons of food pictures. If you would like to see a post of everything I ate. Then let me know and I will do a post on it. On this day it was in the low 50's. So that meant long sleeve. Which I didn't pack any. So I was happy I picked up this pink long sleeve from under armor. The week before. Like I really need another pink long sleeve. Also when I saw this graphic t-shirt at Victoria Secret I just to get it. Since the quote is from mean girls and it so me. Since it got pink on it. 

On this 10th in Florida. My husband meet up with some old co-workers for lunch. Then for dinner we meet up with my best friend Janet. We ate at the rainforest cafe. Which wasn't the best restaurant to catch up with old friend but we all had a great time. 

Top Left Corner~ November 7th, 2014, bluesky gel polish color in hot Pop pink. Ring Finger is Jamberry cup of tea.
Top Right Corner~November 9th, 2014 Nails inc. magnetic polish Kensington palace 082
Bottom Left Corner~November 9th, 2014  Emma - easy UV - polish dark ocean 28 Ring Finger is Jamberry Sunday Brunch
Bottom Right Corner~ November 27, 2014 Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant in 220 and O.P.I. Only Gold for Me 

This month I was lucky to get 2 free sample of Jamberry.  Toria's Treasure Chest  and  Framed Frosting are Jamberry consultant and they sent me some sample of Jamberry to try out. My first time putting on the Jamberry I messed up. So they didn't last long on my nails. The second time I did the Jamberry. They last me 2 weeks. Which was my whole Florida trip.  Which was super nice.  Jamberry are super easy to use. All you need is a blow dryer and some time. The last 2 weeks or more. They are super easy to take off. They cost 15 dollars. Which you get multiple use out of them. Which is super great unlike the Sally Hansen nail stripes.  I so see myself ordering some of these in my future.  

Since I was going to Florida this month I decide to paint my toenails. Do to I knew I was going to wear open toe shoe. Just a heads up. Next month is going to be filled with a lot of Christmas manicure. I picked up some nail decals from Born Pretty Store and can't wait to use them. 


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  1. Lovely manicures!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Great pictures love the tree awesome food great manicure

  3. Oh my dear, i love so much your beautyful pictures and you nailart is super!!!

  4. The food looks extremely tasty & your nails look beautiful. Thanks for
    stopping by! Keep in touch!


  5. Mmm, Rainforest Cafe looks tasty :) And I like your new pink shirt! I also tried Jamberry recently, but didn't have time to do all 10 of my fingernails properly. Your mani/pedi looks nice :)

    1. Thanks Galaxia, Jamberry do take sometime to do.

  6. hi amy, nice pics...the last manicure is so chic...
    beautiful christmas tree

  7. Oh very cute pics, lovely manicure, the food looks delicious!

  8. all of them are amazing , but the blue one is my fave


  9. Nham, such delicious food! And I like the nails, cute patterns! In the meanwhile, what do you think of following each other? I think it would be great, please let me know! Have a great week! Kisses

  10. Gorgeous post!
    Maybe we can follow to each other?
    Let me know :)

  11. pero que bonito todo, que arbol mas grande

  12. Oh my! What huge Christmas trees!! I love them!

    And I'm happy you figured out the Jamberry wraps! Lasting the whole two weeks is impressive! And the Sunday Brunch patter is really, really pretty. :)

    1. Thanks Jennie, I love them to. Florida had a bunch of them all over the place. I was amazed they lasted that long. So worth the money for them.


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