Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Spending and Saving

September 1st, 2014~ Simply Olay Simply Refresh Rainforest Flower Body Wash From The  Commissary 2.49-1.00 Coupon=1.49 ~NEED
September 1st, 2014~ Simply Olay Simply Refresh Rainforest Flower Body Wash From The  Commissary 2.49-1.00 Coupon=1.49 ~NEED*
September 1st, 2014 St. Ives Body wash  From The  Commissary~2.99 NEED*
September 6th, 2014 NYX Doll Eye Marscara In DE03 Waterproof From Douglas- 9.99 Euro(12.66 Dollars)~ NEED
September 6th, 2014 Poof Ball From The Body Shop 2.50 Euro(3.17 Dollars) NEED
September 6th, 2014 Poof Ball From The Body Shop 2.50 Euro(3.17 Dollars) NEED*
September 7th, 2014 Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint Month Wash From The Commissary 4.17-1.00 Cent=3.17 NEED 
September 7th, 2014 Precision Tips Q-Tips  From The Commissary~1.99 NEED
September 7th, 2014 Leopard Print Scarf With a Hint of Pink From The PX Normal 12.00 on Clearance for 2.97 DIDN'T NEED
September 7th, 2014 Pink and Blueish Grey Spotted Scarf  From The PX Normal 12.00 on Clearance for 2.97 DIDN'T NEED
September 23rd, 2014 Suave Sleek Shampoo From The Commissary 1.79-.50 Cents Coupon=1.29 NEED
September 23rd, 2014, 2014 Suave Sleek Condition From The Commissary 1.79-.50 Cents Coupon=1.29 NEED
Total~ 38.65
Saving~ 1,508.79

Hello Everyone. This month I just stuck to items that I needed. I did pick up two items I didn't need. Which were the scarf. Which I couldn't leave them in the store. The price on them were to good to pass up. Plus now I have some leopard print in my life. The mascara was a splurge from my normal covergirl mascara. Which to tell you the truth this mascara is okay. I like that fact it last on my eyelashes. I don't care for the wand due to I can't use it to do my bottom lash. Due to the small and straight.  

Total Spending for the Year
March~ 464.59
April~ 48.15
June~ 20.96
August~ 61.26

Total Saving for the Year
April~ 757.54
June~ 1,054.47
August~ 1,303.32

Total Days of not buy shoe or clothes
Clothes~ 35 Days
Shoes~88 Days
*Back up items for when I run out. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Inspiration Monday: Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen
White Scoop Neck Long Sleeved Tee From Old Navy 7.00
 Black Gap Skinny Pants Christmas Gift From Oma or Parents
Black Tassel Infinity Scarf from Tiffany of Endless Bliss Happy Fall swap
White Gem Earring From On Style 200 Czech Republic Koruny(9.78 Dollars)
 Unisex Full Frame Plastic Glasses in Black C/O Firmoo
Impo thunder booties From DSW Christmas Gift From Hubby(2010)
Hello Everyone. Today I'm linking up with Two Birds for inspiration Monday. When I saw this outfit last week. I knew I could recreate it easily but I was missing one item at the time I saw the picture. Which that was the black scarf but thanks to Tiffany's Fall Swap box. That came on Wednesday. I then had all the piece to recreate the outfit. Which I love how the outfit turn out. It super comfortable and makes the prefect outfit for my Monday errands.

I hope you all had a great weekend. We didn't end up going to the fall fest. Instead we stay home this weekend and just relaxed. Which we haven't had one of those weekend in a long time. It was super nice to just stay in my Pj's and not have to go any where. 


Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Nail Recap

Right Top Corner~September 1st, 2014 Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips in Perfect Poison
Left Top Corner~September 10th, 2014 O.P.I Bring on the Snowflakes and Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Distressed denim
Bottom Right Corner~September 18th, 2014 Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant in 325. Ring finger is Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips in 420 Perfect Poison
Bottom Left Corner~September 26th, 2014 Nicole by O.P.I in Challenge Red-y on top of that is Emmi - Easy UV polish in Red Glitter
 photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpg

Hello Everyone. It that time again for another monthly recap of my nails and the polish I used. Since we are in fall now. I went with some darker color. Which I have to tell you all I'm not a fan of black nail on me. So I don't see anymore black nail manicure in the feature. 

This month I tried out blue crackle nail polish. Which I have had this polish for 2 year and this was the first time it used it. I pair the blue with a silver polish to repentance the Detroit Lions. I also try out the insta gel strips again. Which I'm still disappoint in the fact you can only get one use out of them. This time I thought maybe if I tape the package back up I could used them again. Which it still was a no go. So I did what I did last time to reuse them. Which is add nail polish on your nails then slap the ista gel strip on them. For 10.99 these aren't worth my money. I did find out some dollar tree in the state sale them. I will say if I ever find them for a dollar. Then I will repurchase them but there no way I will pay more then a dollar for them. 

Also this month I try out the Emmi-Easy UV Polish in red glitter. I have to say I really like it with the red polish under it. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nail Art Haul

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this . I was given the the nail art for free to try out.

Hello Everyone, If you have been reading my blog for awhile. Then you know I love painting my nails. Along with painting my nails. I enjoy playing around with nail art. I was so happy when  Born Pretty reached out to me. To review some of there water decals.  What I like most about this decals so far is the price. They all are under 3 dollars a pack. Which is much cheaper then the Sally Hansen Nail decals. That cost me 12.99 a pack and I only can get one use out of them.  

Here are what decals they sent me 
Bowknot Leaf Rose Sticker in number C068
Gorgeous Colored Floral Flower in G121
Rainbow Flower Pattern in XF1401
I will be doing individual review on these nail art during the month of October. If you would like to purchase some of your own. Make sure you use the coupon code below. 
I'm Linking up with thenailfiles

Friday, September 26, 2014

Yellow Leafs

Peach Cardigan From Old Navy ~ 5.24
Grey Shirt from VS-4.99
 Calvin Klein Skirt Hand Me Down From a Friend
Peach Silk Ribbon~ From my Peach Cardigan 
Pearl Earring From CR~2.40
Pearl Necklace From CR-4.79
White Knee High Sock From Target~2.00
Cowgirl Boots From DSW-97.97
I find yellow baby leafs. 
Hello Everyone. I was planing on wearing my new skirt this week since it skirt week. I put it on this morning and couldn't figure out what to where with it. Special shoe. I'm thinking a pair of black flat with look good with the skirt but I don't own any right now. Due to I got rid of them because the were getting hole. I plan on getting a new pair here soon. Then I will be able to bust out my new skirts.

So with the new skirt out of the question. I decide to go with the midi skirt instead. Which this is the first time I have paired this cardigan with it. I have to tell you all. I love finding new ways to wear this skirt. Since the skirt and cardigan have a hint of grey in them. I paired a plain grey t-shirt under the cardigan. Which I haven't worn this grey t-shirt in almost two year. 

Not sure what our plans our for the weekend. Downtown Wiesbaden they are having a fall fest. So we might walk down there and check it out.

 I'm link up with Just Another Smith and This Ever Evolving Life for Skirt Week.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy Fall Swap

Hello Everyone, I recently join in on an Autumn Swap for bloggers. Hosted by  Endless BlissKristie’s Blue Jeans, and Through Bright Eyes. Blog swap are so much fun and a fun away to get to know other bloggers.  I was paired with Tiffany of Endless Bliss.  Which I was super excited about because we had swapped boxes earlier this year for Valentine's Day!  Once I find out Tiffany was my partner again. I couldn't wait to get to know what she like for fall time. I already knew she has a love for scarf. Just like Me. So I got her a few of them.  I find out Tiffany isn't a big fan of coffee or tea.  I also learn we both love pumpkins stuff. Which Is super hard to find in Germany.

I got the box from Tiffany yesterday and as soon as I got it. I ripped to open to find all these awesome goodie inside. Which I can't tell you how happy this box make me feel. Tiffany truly spoiled and nail the box. Thanks again Tiffany.

What was in my box.
~Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate~ I'm a huge hot chocolate fan and PSL fan. So of course I couldn't wait to try this out. I made me a cup of it this morning and drinking it it as I type this out. I have to tell you all it taste amazing. It not over powering with pumpkin. The pumpkin taste is just right. I'm going to try my best not to drink all of the package this week. I got to spread it out. Since Pumpkin Spice isn't available here :(  Are Starbucks doesn't even it have it yet.
~Caramel Apple Pops~These are my all time favorite sucker and they can be so hard to find. So I was super excited to see them in the box.
~Zapp's Voodoo Chips~ Tiffany is from Louisiana. So she sent me these New Orleans Kettle Chips to try out. Which I can't wait to try. I'm going to save them for game day on Sunday.
~Tyler Candle Company Candle in Kathina~ This is Tiffany favorite candle. I can't wait to burn it. It smell amazing.
~Orange and Black Polka Dot Fuzzy Sock~ Fuzzy sock are my all time favorite sock to wear in the house during fall and winter time. I'm so happy to have a new pair to add to my collection.  
~Black Tassel Infinity Scarf~ I can't being to tell you all how this scarf made me feel. I have had a black scarf on my clothing wishlist for a longtime. Tiffany was so nice and got me one. Since she knew it was on my wishlist.
~Just a Note Card
Thanks Again Tiffany for being amazing swap partner again. I had so much fun learning more about you.  

If you all want to see what I got Tiffany. Make sure you go over to her blog.
The Closet by Christie


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WIWW: Fall Recreation Outift

Arugula Canvas Drawstring Vest From Old Navy~20.96
Mint Green Gingham Shirt From Old Navy~6.99
 Wallflower Double Bling Belt Skinny Jean From The Px-29.00
 Pink Tosh Necklace From I am~19.95 Euro(27.44 Dollars)
Pink Circle Gem Earring From Claire's~6.95 Euro(9.42Dollars)
Pink Headband From Target~0.50 cents
Olive Green Flats Hand Me Down From My Friend G

Happy Fall Everyone. After I saw Maria wearing this outfit on her blog 2 weeks ago. Right away I knew I wanted to recreated it. This outfit was super easy for me to recreate. Since I had the similar items in my closet. Of course I added a twist to my outfit to make it more me by adding some pink to it.

Also don't forget BBCA(Blogging for Breast Cancer Awareness) kick off next Wednesday. I hope you will join me in spreading awareness. About this cancer by wear some type of pink during the month of October. Also don't forget to come back and link up your outfit post next weeks. If you know ahead of time you want to join in. Please leave you name and blog. That way I can add your name to the list of blogger who have already joined in. You can see this year and past year blogger at the top of my page under blogging for breast cancer.

pleated poppy

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tough it out Tuesday: Fitness Update

Hello Everyone. It's been a few month since I have done one of these post. So what I have been up to the last two month. A lot of traveling and not eating as health as I was. Which all in all I'm fine with what I'm weighting what now. Yes it no where close to my goal weight but I'm okay with that. 

As for working out we brought a stationary bike. Which I have been using. Since I gave up on insanity in July. Due to we rearrange the living room and no long have the room to do it in there. Plus I want to get back in to run. Which I have and been loving it. Right now I'm training with my husband for the Paris half marathon. That is in 2015. Which so far are training is going good. 

This half marathon with be our first one. Which I super excited to run on. Plus after I run it. I can mark it off my bucket list.  I will try my best to get back in to doing these update once a month again.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Skirt and Ruffles

Sunday September 21, 2014
Audrey Hepburn T-Shirt From Old Navy~10.50
Ponte Knit Circle Skirt From Old Navy~17.48
 Unisex Full Frame Plastic Glasses in Black C/O Firmoo
Necklace Birthday Gift From MIL Peggy(25th Birthday)
Black Circle Earring From The PX
White Ruffle Sock Gift From My Friend G
Madden Girl Heels From DSW~27.97

Hello Everyone. I hope you all have a great weekend. My was a full weekend with hang out with friends. I wore this outfit to the sip and see. Which let me tell you all my car anxiety kick in big time yesterday. Which this is one thing I have never talked about on the blog before.

I have really bad car anxiety. What this mean is when I have no clue where I'm going or haven't driven that way before. My car anxiety kick in and I freak out a little bit. This only happen when I'm driving by myself. So yesterday I was going to the sip and see. I had the address in the GPS on my phone. Well at one point it had me turn down this road. When I got half way down the road. There was no longer a road. Due to it was being worked on. I had no where to go. So I had to do an u-turn and pray that I did't end up in a dig. After  I made the u-turn. The GPS kept telling me to go back that way. That's when my car anxiety kick in. I end up pulling off the side of the road. Turn off the radio and pull out the big GPS. Thinking it would send me a different way but it didn't. Now I'm at the point I'm late and was thinking to myself I should just go back home. Which I didn't.

I finally saw detour sign. That I end up taking. Which it lead me to a dirt road. That I had to take. As I was on the dirt road I was slipping and sliding. Do to the the fact it was raining out. Mind you I wasn't even driving that fast. After I got off the dirt road. I  was one regular road again and saw people car in the ditch do to they slide off the road. Due to Germany roads can be very curvy. Which at that time that was the type of road I was on.  When I finally made it to where I needed to be. The street the house was on was up a huge hill. Which they was no way I could handle driving up it. So I park on the street at the bottom of the hill. Then walked in the rain to the party. Which I had an okay time at.  When I got back home my friend text me to make sure I made it home safe. Due to I told them all the crazy drive I had to get there. I thought it was super nice of her to check in on me. 

 I'm link up with Just Another Smith and This Ever Evolving Life for Skirt Week.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hello Everyone. Today I'm going to share with you pictures that didn't make it in to my daily post. Over the last couple of months. Some are just straight up funny. Then there some I think to myself. What in the world was I doing. As blogger we all have some kind of pictures like these. 
 Eye closed photo's. 
For some odd reason I close my eye a lot when taking blog photo's. It drive my husband up a wall. Also don't ask me what I was doing in the last photo because I have no idea. 
 Hair Flips/Fixing my hair.
I try my best to move my hair out from the front of my face. That way I can show off the earring I'm wearing. 
Open mouth pictures
I wish I had an explanation for these photo's. I just don't. In no way or shape. I'm I trying to be Miley Cyrus. In other new when I have my mouth open I keep my eyes open. 
Blurry pictures
Some time we can't get the camera in focus.
 Fixing myself
Sometime I have to fix part of my outfit. Which that doesn't mean the camera stops rolling.
Last but not least two outfits. I took these photo for an outfit of the day post but they never made it to the blog. Due to I wasn't really happy with the outfits. 

Linking up with Franish for Blogger Blooper Reel. Link up doesn't start until 9-23-2014


Friday, September 19, 2014

You Better

You Better Make more than I can Spend T-shirt From Abercrombie and Fitch ~30.00
Navy Blue Lace Cami From Old Navy-2.70
Navy Blue Eddie Bauer Sweater Zip Up Hand Me Down From L
Crystal Jeans From CR~7.49
Flower Earring From CR~2.40
White Slip on Shoe From New Yorker~ 4.95 Euro(6.67 Dollars)

Happy Friday Everyone. I don't know about you but I'm glad it the weekend. It has been a busy week for me. Which this weekend is going to be busy for me as well. Tomorrow we have friends coming over to celebrate my husband birthday. Then on Sunday I have a sip and see to go to. Basically it a baby shower but after the baby is born. 
Since I have nothing going on today. Which is super nice. I decide I want to go with a nice and relax looked. So I pull out this graphic t-shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch. Which I haven't worn in two year.  Since it a little chilly out. I added this zip up that I go from my friend L who lives in the state. Which I have worn it before but not on the blog. So that why today outfit is a semi-remix outfit.


Thursday, September 18, 2014


Hello Everyone. A week ago I was awarded the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Awards from Jackie of Beautify.  Jackie write about fashion and home decor. Plus she has amazing health recipe on her blog as well. Thank you so much Jackie for giving me this award. 

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
 2. Put the award logo on your blog.
 3. Answer their ten questions
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees. 
5. Nominate 10

1. What is your favorite makeup brand?
My favorite brand of make is Bare minerals. Also know as bareescentuals

2. What designer you wish you could afford?
That would be Louis Vuitton. I'm demand to get a Louis Vuitton handbag in my life. Which I will just have to keep dreaming about it. 

3. If you had to wear only one lipstick shade what color will it be?

4. Which is more important to you pedicure and manicure?
Manicure. Due to people look at my hand more then they do my feet

5. Favorite concealer and why?
I don't use concealer. What I use under my eye and to cover any dark spots. Is the Bare Mineral Ready Foundation Broad Spectrum. 

6. What is one makeup product you cannot be without?
Nail Polish 

7. Are you a jean or dress girl?
I'm a jeans girl

8. How did you came up with your blog name?
When I decide I want to start my blog. I decide to just use my first name. Since I was going to be blogging about fashion. It just made sense to me to call my blog Amy's Fashion Blog.

9. Do you prefer to visit bloggers or youtube gurus?
I prefer to visit both. 

10. If you could be in a magazine which one would it be and why?
 I don't really have a center magazine in mind. I would just be super happy to be in any magazine.
Here are my Nominees
1. What is one clothing item you can't live without?
2.Coffee or Tea
3. Why did you start blogging?
4. What is your favorite store to shop at?
5. What do you enjoy the most about blogging?
6. Favorite Holiday?
7. Heels or Flats?
8. What makes you Happy?
9. What is your Favorite Tv Show?
10.What is your favorite season?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIWW: BBCA Announcement

Black Scoop Neck Long Sleeved Tee From Old Navy 7.00
   Flare-Leg Jeans~ C/O Kmart 21.99
Leopard Print Scarf With a Hint of Pink From The PX~ 2.97
 Unisex Full Frame Plastic Glasses in Black C/O Firmoo
 Pink Earrings From H&M
 Pink Coach Tennis Shoe V-day Gift From Hubby

Hello Everyone. Today outfit is just a nice easy going outfit. Since I have errands to run. Plus it my husband birthday and I'm going to meet up with him soon for lunch. 

October is 2 weeks away from today. So that mean it time for us to pull out our pink again to support breast cancer awareness.  Every since I started my blog I have been doing blogging for breast cancer awareness.  Breast cancer is a cause I highly support due to I have had a aunt die from it and a close friend. Right now I have another friend and an aunt who are battling breast cancer. 

Melissa at A Working Mom's Closet started Blogging for breast cancer in 2010. Since her life got busy 2 year ago. I took it over.  So I will be hosting it again this year.  If you would like to join me in this. Please leave you name and blog in the comment. I will add it in the Blogging for breast cancer Tab at the top of my page. You can click on that tab to see who all did it for the last two years.

I will be wearing pink for the whole month of October and be blogging about it. You don't have to do the whole month. You can do a day or a week. If you don't want to wear pink. Please try to just write about it.  If you don't have a blog. You can join as well. Use #BBCA2014.That way I can see your outfits.

For your pink item it can be any shade of pink. You can wear a lot or a little. Its all up to you. This year I'm going to be doing it a tad bit different. I will have a link up posted. That way you can link you blog up. Also I will be turn the above photo in to a link. Once I figure out how to do so. 

I hope you will join me in spreading the word about breast cancer awareness. 

Linking up to WIWW(what I wore Wednesday) over at  The Pleated Poppy.