Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Review: True Energy Socks

Disclaimer: As a member of the BrandBacker affiliate program, I was sent this product in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I’m here to introduce you all to True Energy. They are a sock company that socks are powered by Infrared Technology. When combined with your body’s natural heat it forms infrared energy which improves circulation and speeds up healing and tissue regeneration resulting in enhanced recovery, optimum performance and more energy.

As a grocery store worker. Who is on her feet for 9 hours a day. My feet get super tired and sore. Since I have been wearing the True Energy Socks. My feet have been feeling amazing. I haven’t want to come home from work and rip my shoe off. Not only have I been wearing these sock for work. I also mowed the lawn in them the other day. Plus have gone on a mile walk with them on.
True Energy offers all different sock type. You can choice from liners, lo-cute, crew, OTC, and no show tab. Which is the style I got. With the no show tab they come in a 3 pack of pink, grey and neon green. If you aren’t in to crazy color socks. They do carry all white ones as well. Not only do they carry socks. They also carry knee sleeve as well.

I have been truly have been loving these socks. That I plan on buying more of them. The company was nice and gave me a discount code for all of you to use. So you can see how you love the socks as well. The Code is TENERGY21 for 20% off you pack of sock. Which The sock are 14.99 a pack.