Thursday, October 31, 2013

BBCA DAY 31~ October Spending and Saving Recap

10-12-2013 Fake Finger Nails 6.99~ From The Px~ NEEDED
10-21-13 Covergirl Red Lipstick 5.79-2.00 Coupon=3.79 From The Px~ NEEDED
10-21-13 Covergirl Outlast Orange Nail Polish 2.99-100 Coupon=1.99 From The Px~ DIDN'T NEED
10-21-2013 Covergirl Eyeliner 7.29-1.50 Coupon=5.79 From The Px~ DIDN'T NEED
10-21-2013 Concealer Blush 1.59~ From The PX~ NEEDED
10-21-2013 Lip Brush 1.99~ From The Px~NEEDED
10-28-2013 White Cable Knit Sweater From Vero Moda~ 21.95 Euro(29.84 Dollars)~ DIDN'T  NEED
10-28-2013 Black Thermo Leggings From New Yorker~ 7.95 Euro(10.81 Dollars)~DIDN'T NEED
10-28-2013 Black Thermo Tights From New Yorker~7.95 Euro(10.81 Dollars)~DIDN'T NEED
10-28-2013 UA Neon Pink Back Pack From The Px~22.00~ NEEDED
10-30-2013 Neon Pink Jersey Skirt From H&M~4.95 Euro(6.73 Dollars)~ DIDN'T NEED
10-30-2013 Black and White Stripe Jersey Skirt From H&M~4.95 Euro(6.73 Dollars)~ DIDN'T NEED
10-30-2013 White Knit Scarf From C&A~9.00 Euro(12.24 Dollars)~NEEDED

Saving~ 3,855.71

Hello Everyone. It that time of the month for my recap spending post. Which I brought way to much stuff this month. Also I broke my shopping ban on clothes. I went 64 day with out buying new clothes. I did most of my shopping on Monday with Hubby. Then on Wednesday I went out to lunch with my friends. We walk in to H&M and I fall in love with the two skirt I got. I can't wait to style them. Also the cable knit sweater I fall in love with too. The few things that I needed where for my Halloween costume. 

Total Spending for the Year
September- 30.50

Total Saving for the Year

145 Days without buying shoe

Ya For Dinner Time
 Grey Thin Sweater From Aeropostale~39.50 
Pink Cami From CR ~6.00 I got 50% off

Flare-Leg Jeans~ C/O Kmart 21.99
 Beret From CR~14.50~ I got it for 40% off
UA Jacket From The UA Outlet

Pink Coach Purse~ Wedding Anniversary(2012)
Pink Ugg Boots From DSW~44.96

This is the outfit I wore out tonight out to dinner. Hubby surprised me by taking his phone out. He ago stand there. Normal I have to asked him to take my picture. I think deep down he is really enjoy taking my picture.

I haven't worn this beret since 2010. Which I have no idea why I haven't worn it after that.

I want to thank all the blogger who join me in BBCA this year. You girls rock.
 Heather and Kayla~ H&K Style Journey 
 Ada~ Elegance Personified
Amy~Classy In The Classroom 
Crystal~ Put some Polish on It
Victoria~ Life is Full of Beauty

Today Breast Cancer Item is Friends of Mel

Happy Thursday Everyone.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BBCA DAY 30~October Nail Recap

Covergirl Outlast
10-3-2013~ Left~ 140
10-10-2013~ Right Top~160
10-26-2013~Middle~ Red Lipstick~ Halloween Nails

10-10-2013~Right Top~658 Sundae

Kiss Nail Art Paint

10-17-2013- Middle~A-ha! Moment

Pure Ice
10-17-2013~Middle~ Crackle Pout

Sinful Color
10-30-2013~Right Bottom~24/7

Wet N Wild~Spoiled
10-30-2013~Right Bottom~S068 Jewelry Heist

Hello Everyone. This month I got a great package from my MIL. So get ready to see a lot of fun color nail and design. This month I did my first hand free nail art. Which I was super proud of myself. 

For my Halloween Nails I try to recreate this nail look. Which it didn't try out as good. As the girls in the video.

Today Breast Cancer Item Is Gillette Venus Facebook Page. You can like it HERE.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013


UA Jacket From The UA Outlet
Pink Small Bow Headband Secret Santa Gift

Hello Everyone. Today was a colder day out. So I need to wear my jacket. When Hubby and me went on are nightly walk. We just went walkin around are neighborhood. 

Today Breast Cancer Topic is Men Breast Caner. They also get breast cancer too. So lets not just think about the women. You can read an article from TIME on mens breast cancer. This article is from 2007.


Monday, October 28, 2013

BBCA DAY 28~ Fall Days

Warmer Damm in Wiesbaden is behind me
Light Pink Scarf From MIL Peggy 

Hello Everyone. Today was a fun day. Hubby and me went downtown and did some shopping. I got a cute cable knit sweater and some thermal legging/tights. Hubby picked up some beanie and some scarfs. Which I'm jealous of the one scarf he got because it super warm. It will be prefect for him in the winter. When we go walking downtown. 

The weather has been in the 60's here. I'm loving the fact I don't need a jacket yet. I would love it if the weather stay this way. Which I know it won't.

Today Breast Cancer Item is Fight Like a Girl.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

BBCA DAY 26&27~ Pink Lady

Saturday 26, 2013
Neon Pink Heaven Steve Madden From DSW~27.96

Hello Everyone, This is the outfit I wore before going to the Halloween party last night. Which  I had a blast at the party. Also drank way to much and ended up burning my elbow on an outdoor fireplace. Which at the time I had no idea it happen. I didn't find out until the end of the night. When Hubby asked me what had happen. It didn't even hurt when he touch it. Well today on the other hand it does hurt.  So I put some neosporin and a bandage on it. I hope that it won't try in to a scar. 

Zombie Nurse

So today we are just being lazy and relaxing.

Day 27~ My slipper sock. I got from the Famliia Center.(6 years ago)
Today Breast Caner Item Is Make a Mammogram Promise. You an do it HERE


Friday, October 25, 2013


  Flirt Boot Cut Jeans From Old Navy-18.43
Light Pink Scarf From MIL Peggy 

Hello Everyone. Today has been a cold and nasty rainy day out. It isn't  to cold out. Which is nice. I'm glad I can wear long sleeve and still be warm. In my hair I'm wear a pink scarf that my MIL gave me last year.  Which since I got my hair cut short I don't wear a lot of hair stuff in it. Which if you have been reading my blog. You know I love headbands. For some reason I haven't felt like wearing them. 

Today outfit is also a rediscover outfit. Since I just rediscover this pant in my closet. The last time I worn them was in December 2012. Also I haven't worn these shoe since October of last year. Which they need a good cleaning. 

I have also been busy making food for a Halloween party I'm going to tomorrow. 
I hope you all have a good weekend.

Today Breast Cancer Item is Philips(In German)


Thursday, October 24, 2013

BBCA DAY 24~ eShakti Review: Contrast Trim Ponte Skater Skirt

PICTURE TAKING AT The Heidenmauer(Heathens Wall) in

Pink Checker Tights From Karstadt 3 Euro(4.01 Dollars)
 Flower Belt From Style~6.99
Impo thunder booties From DSW Christmas Gift From Hubby(2010)

 Hello Everyone. Today I have a review for you all. The lovely people at eShakti contacted me in August. Asking me if I would like to do a review for them on there fall line. I was so excited to contacted by them again but before I said yes. I want to make sure they could ship to me. While they weren't able to ship the skirt to me. Jane was so nice and let me ship it to my MIL Peg house. Once the skirt arrived at my MIL house she mailed it over to me. 

I so happy that Jane from eSkakti was able to work something out for me. That way I could still do the review. So After I got everything work out. Hubby and me sat down and figure out what item i should review. This being my third review I wanted to steer away from a dress. Since I already did a review on 2 of them. So we decide to go with a skirt this time. Hubby picked this skirt out and I knew I would be able to work it in to my closet. 

This skater skirt is prefect for fall and winter. It is not to heavy but it is pretty thick. So it will keep you super warm. One down thing about this skirt is it is to big. Hubby did my measurements wrong but it all good. Just pop a belt over it and I'm good to go.  

Which eshakti you can costumed pick you item to be how every you want it. With this skirt I choose for it to be 2 inch below my waist.  Also for the length to be short. 

Also thing you can do is have the pocket removed or add on. Which this skirt didn't have that opposition.
eShakti also offer size from 0 to 36W. Beside being able to remove/add pockets. You can remove/add embroidery/embellishments. They also now have a bridesmaid line too.

I would highly recommended going and checking out there site. 

Disclaimer: I was sent this skirt  for the review. Which is mine to keep. Everything that I wrote is in my own words. 

 Today Breast Cancer item Is Fuze.

Contrast trim ponte skater skirt
Contrast trim ponte skater skirt
Contrast trim ponte skater skirt

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BBCA DAY 23~ Support the Cause T-Shirt

Crystal Jeans From CR~29.99~50% off
 Madden Girl Heels From DSW~39.95 I got 30% off

Hello Everyone. Thank you all for you sweet comments on yesterday post. Today is a super nice day out. It actually 70 degree out. So that means no jacket for me. So I bust out my support the cause t-shirt that I got back in 2009. When I was working at Charlotte Russe. I throw on some jeans. Then I felt like dressing the shirt up with some heels. I have no idea what I was looking at in the first picture. Hubby just has fun taking pictures of me. So I end up with tons of silly and goofy ones.  I'm really enjoying the fact hubby like to take my picture for my blog.  I'm such you all enjoy joining them too. 

I find it fun to look at the being of my blog. Where I was taking picture in my bathroom mirror in Florida. Then in Michigan I was taking my picture in the hallway with my floor length mirror. When I first moved back to Germany I was using the hotel mirror. Now I have hubby or friends taking my pictures for me. Which I highly excited about and love the fact the support me in my like hobby. 

I'm also truly grateful for all of you that stop by and read my blog. Also comment it on it. It mean so much to me. I can't find the word to describe it.

Today Breast Cancer Item is Estee Lauder. (The website is in German)

pleated poppy

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BBCA DAY 21 and 22~ Busy

Day 21~ Pink Pj's

Day 22~Pink Balls
Hello Everyone. First off I'm sorry I haven't had a real outfit post in the last 3 days. Life has been super busy these last couple week. That I mainly I'm wearing work out clothes all day. Due to I work out in the morning and then again in the evening. Yesterday was a busy day for me. I workout, ran a good amount of errands. That by the time it was 8pm. I had already fall asleep on the couch.

I'm hoping to be back in the swing of thing next week. Trust me even tho you aren't see my whole outfits. I have been rocking some kind of pink everyday. 

Today Breast Cancer Item is National Breast Cancer Foundation


Sunday, October 20, 2013


Saturday October 19, 2013
Black Mesh Dress From The Px~19.99(Brought in August)
Pink Earring From H&M 
Neon Pink Heaven Steve Madden From DSW~27.96

Pink Peace Slipper From Meijer
Hello Everyone, Both Friday and Saturday Hubby went out with friends. We ended up staying out to 4am both day. So therefor today we are having a lazy day. To caught up on are sleep. So I'm just wearing yoga pants and a lions hoodie with my pink slipper. 

Last night we went out on a date night. Which we had a lot of fun. We went to a italian restaurants here in town. Which the food are super yummy. When the food come to the table it was so hot. It was boiling. Hubby burnt his tongue on his food. 

Over all we have a fun weekend. Next weekend should be fun to since we are going to a halloween party.

Today Breast Cancer Item is Delta. They have a pink airplane that they fly for breast cancer awareness.


Friday, October 18, 2013

BBCA DAY 18- Cat Sweater

Crystal Jeans From CR~29.99~50% off
 Cream Hair Bows From Forever 21~ 1.50

 Hello Everyone. I hope you all are having a great week. My week has been a crazy and busy one. Which we all need once in a while. This weekend is also going to be a  busy one for me too. So there might not be a post tomorrow. It will be on Sunday. As Hubby is talking my pictures this morning. He told me my sweater looks like a cat sweater. I told him I don't care because I liked the sweater and it is comfortable. He said well I didn't called it a crazy cat lady sweater.  So that were the second picture comes in to play.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

BBCA DAY 17~ Monthly Remix Recap: Pink Rockstar Jeans

 February 21, 2012~  ORSAY Black Sweater 
October 13, 2012~Ivory Sweater From ORSAY
November 10,2012~Grey and pink Sweater
January 21,2013~White Dress Shirt 
September 24, 2013~  Aqua Cardigan and White Cami

Hello Everyone. Since today is another busy day. I decide to would be the prefect time to do a monthly recap post. Since it BBCA time. I choose to show case my pink rockstar jeans. Which I haven't worn that much this year because they have become to big for me :( but I still wear them for time to time. I have worn these pant 11 times on the blog and a few time not on the blog. My parent gave me a gift card to old navy for 2011 and when I saw these pant. I knew I had to make them be mine. Which hubby total approved of too.

My Pink For Today Pure Ice Crackle in Pout and O.P.I. A-ha! Moment 

  Today Breast Cancer Item is Kroger. They lit there home office in pink and doing a good a moment of donation this month to help breast cancer research.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BBCA DAY 16~ Lunch Date

Pink Coach Purse~ Wedding Anniversary(2012)

Hello Everyone. Today wasn't as busy as the last two days. Which was nice. This afternoon I went out on a lunch date with a friends. We both stay sat at a little restaurant and talked for hour. She was nice and took this picture of me at a parking garage. Which this make another blog first for me. So far this week  I have 2 blogger first. First was taking my coat off in the cold to take a picture and the second of is of course today. 

Which I sure you all are enjoying my non-mirror pictures. I know I'm having fun finding new place to take pictures at. 

Sorry that I haven't been around to your blog this week. Next week I should be back to my normal schedule of thing. 

Today Breast Cancer Item is Pink Ribbon


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BBCA DAY 15~ Blogging For Breast Cancer aWEARness Feature

 Heather and Kayla~ H&K Style Journey 
 Ada~ Elegance Personified
Amy~Classy In The Classroom 
Crystal~ Put some Polish on It
Victoria~ Life is Full of Beauty

 Emily~ Tinfoil Tiaras~ Post will be up at the end of the month

Hello Everyone, Today has been another crazy day. I put in 2 workouts today. Ran errands and did housework. Which both errands took way longer then I wanted them to. I also helped and good friend out today. So Since I haven't been wearing anything special today. Been in 2 different workout outfit today.  I thought it would be the prefect day to showcase the other 6 blogger who are doing BBCA(blogging for breast cancer awareness).  These ladies are amazing and have amazing style. So make sure you go check there blogs out. 

I want to give them all a special thanks for coming and join me in getting the word out there on breast cancer.

VS Yoga pants with pink band and pink t-shirt.
Today Breast Cancer Items is the National Breast Cancer Site.


Monday, October 14, 2013

BBCA Day 12,13 and 14~ Weekend Fun

Day 12
Saturday October 12, 2013
Impo thunder booties From DSW Christmas Gift From Hubby(2010)
Day 13
Sunday October 13, 2013
 Lichtenberg Castle in Kusel, Germany
Hydraulic Jeans From CR~7.99
Day 14
Monday October 14, 2013
Middle of Downtown Wiesbaden

Hello everyone, The last couple days have been fun and busy. Hints why there is no whole outfit pictures for Saturday but I made sure I had something. To show you guys that I did have my pink on.  On Saturday hubby and me went out and did some shopping. Then meet up with some friends for dinner. 

Then on Sunday we drove down to Kusel, Germany to see one of the biggest castle in Germany. Which it was very nice seeing this castle. It was a cold out yesterday so I wore my jacket all day. Minus when I did my blogger first and took it off to get a picture of my whole outfit.  If you read last Sunday post you know that I wear Detroit Lions stuff on Sunday. To support my homes NFL teams. Plus I enjoy watching the game with the hubby. Which we won yesterday. So now we are 4-2.

Today hubby and me had a lot of running around to do. So when we were downtown hubby took this picture of me in the middle of our town. I had long sleeve under this sweater. So I was super warm with out a jacket on but when we went in to store I was dying. After we did are running around we hit the gym. Which I learned that I can't do 6mph(miles per hours) on the treadmill. I felt like I was going to fall off of it at the speed.

Today Breast Cancer item is this site I came across called Pink for October.