Thursday, September 30, 2010

Work Outfit September 30th, 2010

             I try to do Purple Lip. But the Purple Lip-gloss is light so it looks good on me.

Purple Cover Up From Ross~7.99~REMIXED
Black Tee Shirt From Target~6.00
Black Pant From a store in the Famila Center in Germany~ I think these pants where less then 10 Euro's
Flower Belt From Styles~6.99
Flower Ponyholder From Forever 21~2.50
A Necklace From A Secret Sister Christmas Swap.
Earring a gift From Peggy(MIL)
Dr Scholls Shoe From DSW~18.88

Hello All, Today is Thursday and the last day of the month. Man this month went by fast. Didn't it. I think so. So today outfit is a repeat in a way. I wore the purple cover up on a Casual Friday. So I decide to change it up and make it more dress for today. I wear my clothes over and over again. For the most part I change it up. I hate wearing the same outfit twice in a month. So I spread them out.  I wear the same pants all the time b/c I don't have that many work pants. I also try not to keep wear just black pants everyday. So I try to throw a different color in there during the week. I hope you all enjoy today look. I love the way it turn out. Also if you have been reading my blog you know how much I love this ponyholder.

Here is the other way I wore this purple cover up. Click HERE to see. 

I hope you all have a GREAT THURSDAY.

September Spending Goal

 So my goal for September was not to buy anything. Well I didn't buy no new clothes or accessories. I did end up buying 2 new nail polish and eye liners. Also I brought pantyhose. I only got 1 freebie for the month. Which it was undies from VS. So I spent under $5.00 which is great I thinks. So my plan it to keep my goal going with trying my best to not spend any money on makeup, clothes and accessories for the month of October and the next coming monthes.

So here the break down on what I got.
  1. Elf Eye Liner From Target ~1.00 I been want some new eye line b/c I don't care for the Bare Mineral eye liner that I have. Plus this came with a penical sharpener. So I looked at it as I got one item for.50 cent and the other for .50 too. So it was a good buy. Also I love this eye liner too. Item brought on 9-7-10
  2. Covergirl 573 Blue You Nail Polish From Publix~1.79 It was Normal 3.29 but I had a $1.50 off coupon. So I couldn't pass it up plus I loved the color. I didn't need this item at all. The price was good I think. Item brought on 9-12-10
  3. Covergirl 555 Luxe Lilac Nail Polish From Publix~.80cent It was Normal 3.29 they were having a sale 30% off. So then it was 2.30. I again had a coupon for 1.50 off. So I did the math and told myself for .80cent that I couldn't pass it up. So I got it. I like the color on to. I wear it on my nail last week. Again I didn't need it but this girl couldn't pass that sale up. I brought it on 9-19-10
  4. Pantyhose From Publix~.89cents They are normal 2.39. I actually did need this item. I just bring myself to pay 2.39 or higher for pantyhose b/c they always rip after wearing them a couple time. So when I saw these on the clearance rack I just knew I had to get them.
  5. The Fifth Thing I got the month was a pair of undie from VS~FREE normal would have been 8.50 but I had a coupon to make them FREE. So of course I got them.
So there for I spent a Total of 4.48w/out tax's this month. So I think I did a super job. Plus I was super good b/c I didn't buy no new clothes or Jewelry. Also if you didn't know I'm a coupon and sale kind of girl.

I have come to learn that Publix is a dangerous store for me but I have to shop there for food. I just have to stay out of the aisle that I don't need to be in. 

Total saving for the year is $2,914.68

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Work Outfit September 29th, 2010

Denim looking Dress Pants From Target~26.99
Little Girls Tank Top From Target~4.99
Grey Thin Sweater From Aeropostale~39.50
Earring a gift From Peg(MIL)
Necklace From After Thoughts
Beret From CR~14.50~ I got it for 40% off (last year item)
Flats from Charlotte Russe-14.99

Hello all. Sorry the first picture is so dark. It just it been rain all day due to Nicole Tropical Storm. Which is actually going to the east of me but we are still getting lovely rain from it.  The Grey sweater that I have on today  is an super old sweater. I have had it  for years. I actually sewn it up b/c it has two hole in it. I just don't want to give it up. Due to I love it so much. I had a Pink on too but I did give it up. The necklace I have on is from after thoughts which they don't even have that store around anymore. It is now Clarie's or Icing.

When I was working at Charlotte Russe. We got these beret in. I automatically fall in love with it. So when there was only one left I brought it.  The next day I wear it in to work and everyone want one but we had no more it. I'm not a hat kind of girl but I think I look good in it.

I hope you all have a GREAT WEDNESDAY.

2 Differant way to wear the outfit from yesterday

 I wore the above look on May 6,2010. Which when I wore it I didn't care for the look of the outfit. I think if my hair was down it would have been better.

I did a pencil skirt and different earring.
Yesterday look. Which I think it looks way better with dress pant then it did a pencil skirt but that just me.

Also I learn yesterday that the shirt i had on is getting to small for me. The lace rub against my arm. Which made them all red and the hurt. I couldn't wait to get home and take it off.

I have been gain weight. Which I need  to. I used to way under weight. Since I been gaining weight I been feeling  a lot better. In a 4 month time you can see the different in these two pictures.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Work Outfit September 28th, 2010

                                    THIS IS THE HAIRDRYER THAT IS USE.
                                  THIS IS MY HAIR STRAIGHTER THAT I USE.
Black Pants From New York and Company~44.95~ I got them for 50% off
Corset Blouse From VS- 28.00 Was a gift from Hubby for my 21st B-day
Vest From CR~14.99 on clearance rack last year
Earring From CR~4.00 I got them for 40% off
Barretts From the PX~2.99
CL Shoe From DSW for 27.96

South Florida is Under a Tropical Storm warning. Which that's where I live at. Work called me in early they say its super busy. Which I have no clue why we get so busy when a storm is about to come thu.

I hope you all have a GREAT TUESDAY.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jewelry And Hairstyle Organize

      Above is my drawer of my Jewelry box.  I used clear little box that you use for holding Craft stuff.
 After seeing how Never Naked Organized her  Earring. It gave me an idea. I was shopping in Publix for dinner food. When I walked down an aisle and saw Ice cube trays. I told myself I could so put my Earring in them. I knew I had some at home that we never use. Also I brought them on Clearance from Target years ago. So I went a head and did it. I loved how it looks. You can stack them on each other.
 Here an Update on my Jewelry section in my closet. At DSW the sell Nicole shoe. Which her shoe box are so neat b/c they are like picture boxes that you buy at the store. When people don't want there shoe boxes we throw them in the trash. I had a customer who didn't want her box. So I asked the manger if I could have the empty box and she said yes. So I'm using it to hold my necklaces. How does it look now? Before Pic
          I use plastic container for all my hair stuff. 2 are headband and the other one is full of mixer stuff.
              Here is one of my headband container. I have them done by the size's of the headbands.
                Then I use the Biore Skincare container to hold barrettes, hair ties and clips.
This is how it looks in the mixed drawer. I use the Ziploc bags to hold ribbons,bobbies pins and Halloween  hair piece.

I hope you enjoy this post. I just clean the house today and did errands. I just wore a tank top and carpi.

I hope you all have  GREAT MONDAY.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Work Outfit September 26th, 2010

Striped Shirt From ORSAY~14.95€~on sale
Turquoise Cami From CR~ 7.50 ~I got 40% off
Khaki Pants From Alloy Its Jeans ~ I have had them for a long time
Necklace From Target~1.00
Nine West Earring From the Px
Wedges From Target~19.99
Barrette From Ultra~2.00

When I lived in Germany I loved shopping at ORSAY. You can check out there website HERE. 

I hope you all have a GREAT SUNDAY. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Lions Jersey From Target~17.99
Quartz Jeans From CR-29.99 I got them for 40% off~not in Picture
Hoops Earring From CR~4.00 I got them for 40% off
Pink Flip Flips From The PX~1.50
Pink Lions Hat From Meijer~13.99

I end up not wear the Lions Pink Hat b/c I didn't like it on me. Also the jeans that are in the picture are my Ruby Jeans but sadly today I had to retire them.  Due to I can't bend down when I have them on. I knew for sometime now that they were getting to small but I still squeezed in to them. Well today I squeezed in to them again but I couldn't bend at the knee in them. So I change in to my Quartz jeans. The Ruby on were my favorite jeans. From the moment we got them in at Charlotte Russe I loved them. I kept eye balling them. One week in October or November of 2009 they had employee week where they gave us 50% off the whole store so I brought them then.  I know I will find another pair of Jeans to wear that I Love.

Today I had the day off. Which is Awesome b/c I don't get that many Saturday and Sundays off b/c I work in Retail. So Hubby and me went out and got him some new work clothes. Which he needed some new ones. He always just wears the same things over and over again. Which I do the same thing but I have so many clothes to choice from so I can mix it up. Also I can go a few month before I have repeat an outfit. So we went out shopping and got him 5 new work shirts. We also stop by VS b/c I had a free coupon for undies. For lunch we went and had fuddruckers. We also got Hubby and bottle of wine for a belated birthday gift from me. I also told him the clothes were a belated birthday gift too.

I will say I felt a little out of place wearing my lions jerseys b/c everyone had on there Miami shirts and jersey. 

What team do you root for ?

I hope you all have a GREAT SATURDAY

GO LIONS I HOPE YOU WIN YOUR GAME TOMORROW. We have almost win the first 2 we played.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Comfy Day

Sequin Shirt From CR~6.99 on Clearance
Ivory Jockey Cami From PX-6.00
Jeans From Target~19.99
Barrettes from Ulta~2.00

You can see the barrette HERE.

Today I just wanted be comfy. I'm not doing much just chilling with the Hubby and watching movie. Also catching up on TV show. Also just running to Publix to get a few item to make burrito for dinner.

I got told yesterday that I looked cute. So that made me feel good.

I hope you all have a GREAT FRIDAY and WEEKEND.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Work Outfit September 23rd, 2010

Black Legging From Target~6.99
Poke a Dot Shirt From the PX~9.99
Black Cami From Target~9.99
Earring From The PX~4.99 for 3 pairs
Necklace From Px~ 4.99
Headband Gift From My Mom
Boots From Old Navy~34.50~ I got them for 30% off last year.

I was going to wear black dress pants with this shirt but it didn't look good at all. So I decide to try it with legging and it turn out good. I'm not a legging type of girl. I own 3 pairs. Which are 2 pair of black. One with lace and one with out lace. Also a purple pair. I only wear them under skirts. So today I decide what the hack I will do it. Which I feel cute in what I have on. Tons of girls at work wear legging all the time. A manger on Sunday was rocking her pink and black legging with a black tank and black booties. She look so cute.

So update from yesterday the CEO visit went great. Also got told by people that my hair looked cute.


Here is my VS Very Sexy Lip-gloss palate. I have had it for years. I got it free with a purchase. I been using it more lately. Today I have on Baby doll it the on in the far right head side.

I also have a new follower Dominica. Go check her blog out HERE. She has so very nice jewelry that she makes and sale.

I hope you all Have a GREAT THURSDAY.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Work Outfit September 22th, 2010

Red Halter Top From Dillard's~22.99
Blazer from New York and Company ~ 69.95 ~ I got it for 50% off that price b/c it was on sale
Black Pant From a store in the Famila Center in Germany~ I think these pants where less then 10 Euro's
Earring From Not sure I have had them for a long time.
Barrettes From Ulta~2.00~ not in picture but you can find it in other blog post.
Dr Scholls Shoe From DSW~18.88

Hello all. I got called in to work early. Due to the CEO hasn't shown up yet. So I'm hoping the Visit goes well. Wish me luck. We stay until 2:30am last night getting ready for his visit.


I hope you all have a GREAT WEDNESDAY.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Work Outfit September 21th, 2010

Pants From Charlotte Russe-22.99~40% off
Cami From Old Navy~10.50
3/4 Sleeved Black Shirt From Aeropostale~9.99
Necklace From Walmart~2.50
Earring From H&M~Got them when I lived in Germany
Pink Ribbon From a Birthday Gift From VS
Zebra Shoe From Payless~16.99

Today I decide to do a Pink lip the color is called After Hours it from VS. This black shirt I have had it for a long time I just love it. Which its starting to get to small in the arms. So I don't know how much longer I can fit in to it. Tonight at work we will be getting ready for the big CEO visit.

I hope you all have a GREAT TUESDAY.