Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our New Dinning Room Table

So first off this really isn't fashion you can wear. It is home fashion. I wasn't going to post this here but it make me so happy to look at the new table that I decide why not. Also this is our 1st table we own and brought with are own money. Hubby and me order this table back in August and we got it today. Which I'm so excited about it and I want you all to see it. Plus it easier for me to post it here so my family and friends can see it. Since not all of them have Facebook. Yes my Kitchen in yellow.

So here the AWESOME Dinning Room table It fits up to 10 people. We only got 8 chairs but figure we can always go and get two more if need be.

Isn't Pretty
I hope you all have a Great Tuesday.

November Spending Goal

Hello all. So it the end of the month and that mean it is November Spending recap/warp up. So I did good and didn't buy any clothes or jewelry. I did buy 3 pair of socks this month due to they were cute. I was doing so good with not spending money and then I saw Mariah Carey new Christmas Cd. So I had to get it. So on with everything I got brought this month.
  1. 11-1-10 Colour me glow 12 eyeshadow for .99 at Walgreen~ I didn't need this but for the price I couldn't pass it up. Plus they work really nice. I been wearing  them everyday when I do my makeup.
  2. 11-5-10 White Studded Belt for 3.24 normal 14.99 at Target. I been wanting this belt for sometime now but they never have my size. One day I seen it on clearance for more money that what I got it for and they still didn't have my size. So on November 5th I got lucky and they had my size and the price was just right.
  3. 11-5-10 Pink, Purple and Grey Over the Knee High Sock For 2.50 normal 5.00 From Target. I didn't need these at all but I brought them to do tights and knee highs. 
  4. 11-5-10 White Tights for 1.99 From Target~ I didn't need these either. I got them because I wanted another pair of white tights.
  5. 11-7-10 White Knee High Socks for 2.00 From Target~ These I did need due to I didn't own any white knee high socks.
  6. 11-10-10 Maria Carey Merry Christmas II you for 9.99 at Costco~ I didn't need this but I got it so I could listen to Christmas music in my car. I love #2 on the Cd. Which is Oh Santa!
  7. 11-14-10 Pink Ruffle Sock for 2.76 normal 3.95 from DSW~ Didn't need them. I thought they were cute plus they are pink. 
  8. I saved the best for last my Plaid Hat for 2.79 it normal is 19.94 it was on sale for 80% off and on top of that I got my 30% off from DSW~so didn't need this but for the price I couldn't walk away for it.
So I spent 26.76. Which is the highest so far that I have spent since I made this blog. I would have been good if I didn't buy the Cd but it all good because I been listening to the Cd a lot.

For the year I have saved 3567.47. How I have done this is shopping sale, using coupons and the biggest on is shopping of clearance racks. Hubby help with the saving money to he does the same thing as me.

P.S. If you click on the link you will see how I wore that item.


Monday, November 29, 2010

What to do with Old Christmas Cards~Craft Idea

Back of Card give to me over the years

Add stamps to them
The finish Look

 Hello All. Today I bring you a little Christmas Craft Idea. I know we all must have cards laying around from over the years and have no Idea what to do with them. I know some or most of us throw them away after we are done looking at them. Me on the other hand I save them to make things out of them. 

This is what you are going to need
  1. Old Cards~ Just the front of them with the picture
  2. Hole Punch~ To punch hole in them for the Ribbons
  3. Ribbons~ For hanging them up on your Tree or other places
  4. Markers~To color and write on them
  5. Stamps or Stickers~ To add color to the back side. If using Stamps your going to need ink too.
  6. Scissors~ To cut them out 
The best part is this doesn't cost much to do.  You can get a huge thing of ribbon at the dollar store. Same thing with the stamps, markers and hole punch. I got my hole punch at Target for .99cents.

So the first thing I did was go thru my card and picked the one I wanted to use. Then I torn them apart. The part with the writing I save and put them in a scrapbook. Then later on I have them to look at anytime I want to. The very Pretty card I will not pull them apart I save them  how they are. Once your are done picking the cards you want to use, Then you add you stamps or stickers. I used  my Christmas stamp that I find branded new at a thrift store. They are Stamp it up Stamp. Which are super nice ones. After I stamp the picture on them. I color them in. This can take some time. Then I wrote Merry Christmas on them along with Made by Amy and 2010. The next thing you need to do is cut them out. I used crazy Scissors. You can use plan Jain scissor to it what you like using. The next thing to do is punch a hole in them and add the ribbon in them.

I made these for my family and close friends and mailed them out with there Christmas card. I'm not prefect and miss putting them in a few cards. So they will be added with there Christmas gifts.

Also in the years past I have made Gift tags out of old cards. This is a cute and fun away to use old cards.

So far everyone who has gotten them loves them. 

Just so everyone know I love Christmas time its my favorite time of year. My family and friends tell me when they get there Christmas cards they know it Christmas time due to I'm the first Card the receive.
Today there no Cute outfit becuase I have to get the house ready to get my dining room table. I been with out a dining room table for 3 years and I'm so happy to fanily have one. Plus we have been waiting since August 1st for our table. If you are wondering where we eat at that would be our couch and chairs in the livingroom.


I also hope you liked the crafted idea and sorry the picture are the wrong way. I try to fix them with photobucket but then the picture would have been to big.

I so Want this Ornament. If this is the only one I get this year I will be SUPER happy. Amazon and Target has it.

A Day Late~ Work Outfit For November 28th, 2010/Giveaway at Twenty York Street

A&F Cardigan Gift From Hubby for 21st Birthday
Little Girls Tank Top From Target~4.99
Khaki Pants From Target~19.99
Headband From Target~2.99
Necklace From Target~1.00
Earring From Oma
Brown Belt From Target~6.99
 Boots From Traffic

Hello Everyone. I had no time to post this up yesterday. After work I drove over to Sawgrass Mills Outlet store to meet up with my Hubby. Dsw and American Signature Inc our own by the same people. So I get a discount at both store. So we want to buy a futon for the guest bedroom for are guest to sleep on. So we went to American Signature Inc for it since I get 30% off there. So we found one that we liked and will have it on Friday. So by time we got home last night it was late and we still need to eat dinner. 


Twenty York Street is doing an amazing giveaway right now. So go check out her great blog. She dress so adorable all the time.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Outift For Work November 27TH, 2010~Snowflake Look

BCBG Black Cardigan From Bj's ~14.99 Normal 98.00
Light Blue Tank Top From Target~6.00
White Tanks From Target~5.00
Black Pants From Target~24.99
Snowflakes Necklace and Earring From Target~1.49 on clearance
Barrette From Target~ 2.00 on Clearance
CL Shoe From DSW for 27.96

Hello All. Work was beyond crazy today. By the end of my shift I want to go home. At 3:30pm I clocked out for the day. When I came home Hubby and me went out. 1st stop was Longhorns for dinner. I had a 25.00 gift card for my birthday to use. My birthday was back in July. So I have been holding on it for some time now. Dinner was great. Stop 2 was Causal Men Hubby wanted jeans and new polo's for work. We ended up just getting him polo's. Stop 3 was Old Navy they are having a huge sale on jeans 15.00 dollar. So hubby got 3 pair and got me a Holiday Cheer T-shirt. Also a White lace Cami. Stop 4 was to get a bottle of wine and to find a wine I liked. Which we didn't find one. Stop 5 was Bath and Body works. We pick 2 people Christmas gift there and got us some hand soap. Then are final stop of the night was to see Harry Potter. It was a good movie but very long. My butt was hurting by the end of the movie.

I wore this outfit all day. I call it my Snowflake look.

You can see how I wore the Cardigan before HERE and HERE.


Also I got my First Christmas Card today in the mail.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Work Outfit

Shoe Lover Shirt~ Free From DSW(due to I work there)
Calvin Klein Jeans From a Friend
White Long Sleeve Shirt From Target~ not sure how much it cost but it was on Clearance a few years ago
Jingle Bell Necklace From The Px
Jingle Bell Earrings From The Px
Pink Pony O From Walmart
CL Shoe From DSW for 27.96

Hello All. I hope you all are surviving Black Friday. I did. Work wasn't all that bad. It was like working a normal Friday but felt like a Saturday. I did do some shopping a Old Navy. I got my sister 6 Items from there. Which I know she will love the one item I got her. Hubby was up at 3:30am this morning to get and Xbox 360 Kinect . Which he was able to get one. I played it before work and it was super fun. Also I wasn't plan on going to Old Navy but I had 30 minutes to kill before I started work at 7:45am. So I figured what the hay and I will say I'm happy with my outcome. 
I got told by a co-worker that I looked like Tinkerbell with my hair how it is. Also customer were complain because we didn't have no sale going on.

Today I pulled out my winter scent. So I will be using them now. A post will come in the future on them.  

I hope you all have a GREAT FRIDAY.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Thanksgiving Day

Oma(German for Grandma)

Oma and Me

Goodies bag Oma made for everyone

Left overs

Pumpkin Pin Oma Made

Oma's Pumpkin Roll
Hello All. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I did. I had a great time with my Family. Which I only see them a couple time out of the year due to are work Schedules. My cousin were playing cops and where try to put me in play handcuff. They are too cute and can get a little bit crazy at times. My Oma made everyone treat bags with leaves magnetic in them or a Pumpkin pins. I was luck and got both. The food was amazing and we got lucky to get tons of leftovers. That will be lunches for the next few days. So over all I had an amazing day. Now I'm going to watch a movie with Hubby and then hit they hay. I have an early morning tomorrow.

Want to add Oma thought I was crazy for wearing boots. She kept asking me why I had them on. Someone said she is being fashionable.



Quartz Jeans From CR-29.99 I got them for 40% off
A&F Cardigan Gift From Hubby for 21st Birthday
Grey Cami From Target~ 2.00 on Clearance
Boots From Old Navy~34.50~ I got them for 30% off last year.
Nine West Earring From the Px
A Necklace From An Army Wife for a Christmas gift
White Headband Gift From My MIL Peggy For my Birthday or Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. I'm Off to my Aunt house for the day to spend Thanksgiving with little family I have here in Florida.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Outift For Work November 24TH, 2010

Up close of the tight and boots

Remix Outfit 
Turquoise Cami From CR~ 7.50 ~I got 40% off
Nine West Earring From the Px
Teal Tights From Macy's~ not sure how much they are I had them for a few years now
Necklace From CR~7.99 I got it for 50% off
Headband From Target~2.99
Impo thunder booties From DSW ~Gift From Hubby
Hello Everyone. I'm not wearing the skirt that is in my outfit lay out. The reason why is the zipper popped when I bent down. Which I'm so glad it happen at home and not work. With that being said I need to buy new work pants and skirts due to I'm growing out of the ones I have. These Teal tights I have had for 3 years and never worn them. Plus I wasn't brave to wear these before and now I'm. One day 3 year ago I want a pair of white tight. Well Hubby came shopping with me and one pair turned in to 4 pair of tights. Which I wear my white ones all the time and I just starting wearing my black one more. I have a pair of brown one to that I have never worn. One day I will wear them.

These Impo boot are super comfy to wear. As you can see if you follow me that I have been wearing them a lot lately. 

One more thing I will be linking the item that I worn before. That way you can click the link and see how it was worn before. I hope you enjoy it.


Veggie Bars

Veggie, Cream Cheese, Dry Ranch, Mayo, Cresent roll, Mozzarella

Before it was cooked

After is was done cooked

All the Veggie~ Carrots,Tomato, Onions, Green Pepper and Broccoli 

Starting to add the Veggies
Veggie Bars

2pkgs Cresent rolls (can sub pizza crust )
3/4c mayonnaise or miracle whip
2 8oz pkgs cream cheese
1 envelope hidden valley ranch dressing mix

Press Cresent rolls out flat on a large cookie sheet, pressing edges together into on big sheet. Bake at 360* oven for 7-8 minutes.

Mix mayo, cream cheese and Hidden Valley Mix together
Spread on "Cooled" crust
In a large bowl mix 1/2-3/4c of each of the following veggies :Finely chop all
green pepper

Spread veggies over the cream cheese filling top with grated cheese

I melt the cheese on the top just to bind it together 

All done everything on it

This one has no Broccoli on it.

 I hope you enjoy this recipe. They are super good and health to eat. Also great for party's.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outift For Work November 23TH, 2010

Yellow Cami From Forever 21~2.50
Black Pants From Target~24.99
Nine West Earring From the Px
A Necklace From An Army Wife for a Christmas gift
Ponytail Gem Holder From Target
CL Shoe From DSW for 27.96

Hello Everyone. I hope you all are having a great Tuesday so far. I spent the morning making Veggies Bars for Hubby. His work is having a pot luck and he want me to make him the bars. So I said ok. I ran to the store this morning and got everything I needed. Then came home and made it. Hubby called and ask how many did I make. Told him one cookie tray. He told me he would like one more tray. So ran back to the store got more stuff and make another one. So here in a few hours I will be at work. Which I'm so happy this is my only night shift for the week. I normal work 3 nights in a row. Which can be a killer because I don't get off until 1am when I work night. 

Also I would have never thought to wear yellow and green before my blog days. I will say I liked how it turned out.
I will be making a post tomorrow on how to make veggies bars. It is super easy to make. Just takes time to cut all the veggies up. 

Also I been look for a Thanksgiving song but no luck but I did find this cute little video on youtube. I hope you like it and get a kick out of it like I did.