The Retired Collection

Welcome To my Retire clothes page. This page was made to show what clothes I have retired and Why?. Mainly my clothes get retired because I out grow of of them.

Sequin T-Shirt Sold To Plato's Closet on 3-16-11~ Too Big on me

Blue Stripe New York and Company Shirt Sold To Plato's Closet on 3-16-11~ it was getting to small, Plus the sleeve was messed up

Sold to Plato's Closet on 3-16-11~ Too Small

CR PLAID SKIRT ~no longer fits~ no longer retired~Out of retirement

HOT PINK MINI ~no longer fit


NYC Blue Pants~no long fit~Out of retirement

Takara Black Pencil Skirt~ I busted the zipper on it

Takara Black Pencil Skirt~Out of retirement

Target Skirt~ No longer Fit~Out of retirement

VS Corset Top

White Jeans~ Are to small *SOLD TO PLATO'S CLOSET*
Black Legging~ Got a hole's in them. So to the thrash they when.
Ruby Destroyed Jean From CR ~ 34.99 I paid 17.49~ Retired due to I grow out of them. I sold them to Plato's Closet.
Khaki Pants From Alloy Its Jeans ~ I have had them for a long time ~ Retired Due to the start to rip at work and by the time I got home the were Super Bad ~So to the trash Can they went and I loved them the made by It's Jeans
Pink Tank Top-Broke During my Move to Michigan 
Khaki Belt~ Broke on my on 1-27-12~ So to the trash it went.

Brown Traffic Boot~ Had for 2 years. Finally gave out on me. Got a replacement pair and these went to the trash. 2-1-2012  

Glamour CL by Landry Flats~ Had for a 1 and half. Got hole in the bottom of them. Got replace with my Steve madden heaven flats and off to the thrash these went. 4-17-2012
Report Silver Sandals~ Fall apart and Return back to DSW for my money back.  6-15-2012

Brown Belt like this broke last year as I was working(2011)
Black Belt was on the verge of falling apart so I throw it away(2012)
O.P.I. Black Crackle~ Dried Up~ 1-8-13~ Throw it away

CR Red Lace Cami~ Throw it in the trash due to in had hole in it. 1-8-13
Black Flower T-Shirt Donated due to it is to big for me 3-13-13

Fake UGG Slippers ~ Falling apart 3-13-13
Minnetonka Slipper~ Falling apart 3-13-13
White Flower Heels- No longer comfortable 3-13-13
Purple Cover Up~ Has Hole in It~3-13-13
 Grey Stripe Cover~ Has Hole in It~3-13-13 
Black Crop Sweater~Not my Style Any more~3-13-13
Light Pink Zip Up~ Has holes in the back 3-13-13 
 Purple Cardigan~ Doesn't fit me no more~3-13-13

Red Gathered- Don't like the cut of it~3-13-13
Pink Rhinestone Shirt~ has holes in it 3-13-13


  1. Interesting collection - how many products have been closet-cleansed because of what one blogger calls "disposable trendwear" ( there have even been business articles on how this stuff is made to simply not hold up, so that women will purchase more and more! ) ... and, speaking of closets, am grateful that some stuff will have another life, another home, @ Plato's :)

  2. Interesting post; this is amazing; usually bloggers showcase all their recent haul but I like this idea of showing retired clothes and what you did with them.


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