Tuesday, April 7, 2020

FemmeLuxe Wishlist

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Since we all are stuck in our house right now. I decided it would be a prefect time to share a new online store with you all. It is called FemmeLuxe. They carry tons of trendy piece for a great price. The have some great lounging outfit. Which would be prefect for right now.

If you are like me and don’t need stay at home clothes. They also carry tons of work attire clothing as well. Which Is what I’m showing you all in today Wishlist post. As you all might now. I work in a grocery as a teller. My dress code is a business causal. So therefore the item I picked from FemmeLuxe. Would work for my work life. Plus my home life. Like T-Shirt, Jeans and If you aren't look for work attire.

They all have super sexy going out clothes. They also carry some super cute bodysuits. Which you could pair with pants are skirt. Even short. Which is prefect for the up coming summer time. Which hopefully the virus with be done by.

What I love about the item that I pick for this Wishlist. Is that you can mix and match them all together. Plus I can mix and match them with other piece in my closet. What I love about the jeans. Is there not like your normal jeans. Since they have the slit up them. Which makes them different but still work for my work like.