Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Awkward and Awesome Thursday

 Pink Shirt from Charlotte Russe- 20.00 W/40% off
Gray Wide Pants From New York Company~ Christmas Gift From Oma or Parent 
Necklace ~ was a gift from MIL Peg, It was her Grandma necklace ~Not Pictured
Earrings from Charlotte Russe- 4.00
Bobbie Pins in my Hair From Publix-.99 Cent
Pink Heels From Target

Hello All. I hope you are having a good day. Today I feel super girl and Chic. This is my first time wearing my gray pants after doing 30 for 30. I had to take a break for them. Today Will be my first Awkward and Awesome Post.  


  1. Getting hand wet money at work.
  2. Getting Asked in the parking lot at DSW if I have plastic bags in my car because the lady need to pick the dog poop up.
  3. Asking a customer for there phone number to see if they have a rewards card and getting ask back in return for my phone number


  1. My O.P.I. Nail Polish came in the mail yesterday.
  2. Win a blog giveaway
  3. Loving my outfit today :)

Above is how I did my hair today. I got the idea out of April's Seventeen magazine. It give you step by step on how to do it. Which my doesn't look like the magazine but hey it all good because I like it. 


March Monthly Spending Recap and Saving

Welcome To Monthly Spending Recap. This is a feature I do every month on what I brought for me and only me. 

Hello All. It's that time again. The end of the month spending recap. Which I did pretty good this month on spending.  I have gone almost 60 days with out buying any Clothes, Makeup and Jewelry. I have had a few withdraw moment about not having any new clothes but overall I'm very proud of myself for going this long with out buy any new clothes. 
  1.  3-1-11 Makeup Remover From Publix~2.99~ NEED this.
  2.  3-5-11 CL by Laundry Genuine Flat From DSW~ 39.95~ I got them for 27.96 after my employee discount ~ DIDN'T NEED Them~ But I feel madly in love with them. Which I have already wear these a tons of times.
  3.  3-9-11 Haircut From Hair Cuttery~ 15.00 ~ Need It ~ Last time my hair was cut was in October.
  4.  3-26-11 Body Wash From Target~ 4.59~ Need it~ Not Pictured
  5. 3-27-11 O.P.I. Black Shatter From Amazon~4.93~ I got it for FREE ~ Didn't need it~ Just REALLY wanted it. 
Total Spent~ $50.54

Total Saved~$262.5

Saving So Far For The Year
January Saving~ 186.06
February Saving~208.91

Spending For The Year
January~50.17 but after plato's closet and a return 27.00
February~ 0.00

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How I got O.P.I. Black Shatter For FREE

Hello All. I'm Loving this new nail polish. The best part is it was FREE. I know what you are thinking. How did she score that one. Well here how I did it. 

I belong to Swagbucks.Which it is a search engine that you earn points by search for things. Cool right. So every 450 points you earn. Can be traded in for a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card. It can take a couple weeks to get the gift card code. Which I have no problem waiting for it. I have got tons of cool stuff from using this site. Also have tons of friends who use it to. 

So I find this O.P.I Black Shatter Nail Polish for 4.93 on Amazon. Which is a super good price. This nail polish runs $8.00. Which I would never pay that for nail polish. 

This O.P.I Shatter nail polish is in HIGH DEMAND. Same with China Glaze Crackle Nail Polish. 

If you would like to join Swagbucks you can sign up by use the widget at the bottom of my page.

Disclaimer: I'm not getting paid for this. I just want to share this all with you.

What I'm Wearing on my nail is Rimmel 810 Stop Traffic and O.P.I. Black Shatter. 

I can't wait to try this O.P.I. Polish out with other colors under it. 

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Having an Amazing Wednesday

Pink and White Abercrombie Shirt From  Abercrombie ~ Super Old
Maroon Tank From Target~5.00
Carpi From The Px~14.99
Ribbon came from Wash clothes From Target
Earring From CR~4.00- 40% off
Pink Flip Flop From Vs-15.50- Free with a Pink Vs Purchase

Hello Everyone. I hope you all are having a great day. I know I'm having an amazing one. Today Hubby take the day off due to he work a double yesterday. So we actually got to spend a day together since I had the today off too. Which you know that makes me a happy girl. Then some fun and exciting stuff happen today. As I was going thou my e-mail I saw one from Kaitlynn saying that I WON her GIVEAWAY. So that made me super happy. So around 2pm I went to the mailbox and there was a white package in there. It was my OPI SHATTER Nail polish. So I will be painting my nail with it tonight. I will post about it after I'm done. So I guess you can see why my day has been Amazing so far. 

Hubby got us Chinese for lunch. Which it was super yummy. We ate it and watched last week Grey Anatomy. Which this show is getting super good. Then after that we watched some poison break on netflix. Then I did my normal Wednesday errands.  Now I have to wash dinner dish and then I'm going to relax some more. I love days like today.

Here are some pictures of my pretty flowers that are blooming in my front yard. That we planted last year.
My Chanel's are blooming again. We planted them in the summertime Last year. Hubby picked them because they are pink. Isn't he a sweetie.

Not Sure what the name is for these flower are but they are blooming again too. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Black, Silver and Sequins Work Outfit

White Hollister Shirt From Hollister ~ Super old 2004 ~No Pictured
Black Pants From Target~24.99
Headband From Target~5.99
Earring From MIL Peggy
CL Flats From DSW ~27.96

Hello Everyone. Happy Tuesday. So I order the OPI Katy Perry black shatter nail polish on Sunday. I should get it as early as Thursday. The latest it will arrive is next Tuesday.  I can't wait. I got it for 4.93 for it. Which is a good price. It was cheaper then the China Glaze Crackle one. So I will be making a post on it when I get it.
For today outfit I didn't use the white T-shirt pictured because it was a v-neck and it didn't look right. I actually try on a couple different white T-shirt. Which none looked right. Also try on a black on too. Then I finally decide that I had to use a shirt with writing on it. So I grabbed this Hollister Shirt which has Hollister written on it in pink but you would have never knew that if I didn't tell you that. l. Well that is it for today. 


Monday, March 28, 2011

House Work Day

My Favorite Picture that I took of the Heidelberg Castle~ Feb. 8th 2008

Heidelberg Germany T-shirt~ From The Px in Germany ~ Old
Black Carpi From Target ~ Super Old

Hello All. Today is my day off. So I'm cleaning house and have a few errands to run. So for today look is simple and comfortable.  I did my hair in a messy bun. Which I didn't do a good job at it because by the time I sat down to eat lunch my hair ended up being a ponytail and not a bun no more.  

I hope you enjoy the two Germany pictures. I lived there for 2 and half years almost 3 years. I loved it there. Some day I will travel back there. 
In the castle win cellar wall. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Work Outfit March 27th, 2011

Express Flower Shirt From Express ~Old
Beige Cami From VS for 9.99 on Clearance~Not Pictured
Black Linen Pants From CR ~ 4.99
Earring From CR~4.00- 40% off
CL by Laundry Genuine Flat From DSW~ 39.95~ I got them for 27.96 after my employee discount(*NEW*)

Hello Everyone. Today was a long day at work. I worked 8 and half hours. I was running up and down the stair get items I need to do my project. I got my project done and the manger liked it.  I got told by a couple co-worker that my pants were cute. Also got told by one co-worker that I looked cute today.  Well that is all for today. Tomorrow I have Off. I love having Mondays off. 


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Orange and Pink Work Outfit

Orange  Cami From Aeropostale~ 19.50
Black Gap Favorite Dress Pants Gift From Oma or Parent( LOVE THESE PANTS)
Necklace Gift From Hubby For Our 1st Anniversary
Earring Nine West From The Px 
Orange Headband From Dollar Tree~.50cent
Dr Scholls Shoe From DSW~18.88 

Hello Everyone. I hope you are having a good Saturday. I had a very productive one. I worked for 8 hours.Which I was glad to get off because my feet were killing me.  Then after work I went to Target and Publix to get a couple things. Also got gas in my car.  Then came home and picked up the dog poop from the backyard. Then wash all the dirty dishes. Due to my dishwasher is broken and it sucks. Did some laundry.  Now relaxing and painting my nails. So over all today was a great day. 

Hubby made me dinner tonight and it was super yummy. Yes I did eat all of that. 


Friday, March 25, 2011


How I did my hair today.

Pink Cami From CR ~6.00 I got 50% off
Jeans From Target~ Super Old
Necklace From Weather Vane
Brown Earring~Gift from my Oma
Brown Belt Came With This Shirt
Headband From A Dollar Store or Gift not sure
Boots From Traffic

Hello Everyone Happy Friday. I hope you all are having a good one. Mine so far has been good. Only down side was I went to go order China Glaze Nail polish from Amazon and its now 18.00 dollars. Mainly because this stuff is in high demand. I will get it one day but I'm not going to pay that much for it. That is way to much for my blood. I will say I was a little hot in this today at work. Then I came home and I was freezing due to Hubby had the A/C cranking.

Have you all heard REBECCA BLACK - FRIDAY. Beware this song with get suck in your head. 


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Work Outfit March 24th, 2011

Union Bay Navy Blue 3/4 Shirt From The Px ~ Old got it in Germany
Gap Wide Leg Khaki  Pant They were a Christmas Gift (2010)
Earring From Px
Necklace From Px
Headband From Who know where
CL by Laundry Genuine Flat From DSW~ 39.95~ I got them for 27.96 after my employee discount(*NEW*)

Hello Everyone. Today I decide to let my hair air dry. Plus I didn't feel like doing anything with it. Let me tell you all I love these new shoe I got a couple weeks ago. They can go with everything and the plus is they are comfortable.  Now for an update on my eye. It is getting better. I'm no longer in pain. It just get dry and I have to put water on it. 

Thanks you all for your advice that you gave me. It means a lot to me. 

So here is my spring and summer wish list. 
1. Black Carpi
2. Cotton Black leggings
3. A Jean Jacket ~ Really want on and saw a super cute one at Cotton on yesterday
4. A couple new dress
5. Converse 

Well that is it for today.