Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 4th work outfit.~ Candy Cane Outfit With A Twist

Black Pants From New York and Company~44.95~ I got them for 50% off 
Jingle Bell Necklace From The Px
Snowflake Earring From The Px
Red and White Head Band From Target~ 2.99 it was part of a 12 piece hair gift~ Christmas 2007
Flower Belt From Style~6.99
Tahari Greyson~ DSW Gift from Hubby Early Christmas Gift

Hello Everyone. Today was a super busy work day. I was schedule to work until 3:30 but stay to 5pm due to we have no cashier. Today look is Candy Cane with a Twist. When I normal do my Candy Cane look It just red and white but today I decide it need something else to go with it so I add the belt for the twist part. The Manger said my headband reminds her of wear is Woldo. Which I thought it was funny.

You can see my other Candy Cane Looks On my Facebook Page. There is a Badge on my blog to get to my page. I have 30 Fans on my Facebook page.

So tonight Hubby and me are making stuff pepper for the first time. I hope they try out good. They smell great.
Also yesterday turn out to be a good day in the end.

Today I leave you with my Snowman Basket and a Christmas Card from my Friend Susan.
Oma gave me this basket last year.



  1. Ames: love the pants!. They go so well w/ those shoes.

  2. Came over from NDAD. This outfit is super cute! I love the belt. I'm still trying to figure out how to pull off that look.

  3. Thanks K~ What is you link and I will check you out.


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