Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Work Outfit October 6th , 2010~BBCA DAY 6

Pink Button Up From H&M~ I got it when I lived In Germany
Red Tank Top From H&M~ Same as pink top
Khaki Pants From Target~19.99
Earring Gift From My Oma
Necklace From Target~1.00
Boots From Traffic

Hello Ladies and Guys too. Today I feel like I'm going to go horseback riding in this outfit. I think it the boots that are making me feel that way but all in all I think I look cute. I decide to curler my hair today. I went a whole week with out curling it.  I guess that good to give my hair a break. Today it is 84 out and I'm loving it. Here in FL it doesn't get super old until later December or Early January.

Today Item For Breast Awareness is New York in Company. Which by the way I love this store. They are doing where you can donate money to Breast Cancer. Also they have this sale going on when you buy a item in the store or online you can get a Pink Ribbon Bow Shirt for 6.95. I looked on the site and I can't find it. I gotten an e-mail about it today. Here is the Link to the website about donating money.



  1. Your hair is so pretty and curly! So jealous! YOU have a great Wednesday too!

  2. I really like this outfit, don't know why
    love ya sweetie

  3. Pretty necklace...great outfit....hope your toe is better now:)

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  4. Thank Ladies.

    Collette~ My toe is feel way better today

  5. Very Very Cute!!! xoo Camille @


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