Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday Blue and Black Work Outfit

Blue V-Neck T-Shirt From Old Navy-1.57
Black Cami From Target~9.99
Black Gap Favorite Dress Pants Gift From Oma or Parent( LOVE THESE PANTS)
Earring From The PX~4.99 for 3 pairs
Necklace From Px~ 4.99
Flower Bobbie Pin From Forever 21~1.50

Flower Belt From Style~6.99(My Favorite Belt)
CL Flats From DSW ~27.96

Hello Everyone. Happy Thursday. I'm so happy that my blogger is back to normal. Yesterday I called to check up on Oma. She is doing a little better. They are able to do the 6 hour test now. She is getting it done today. The next step is to wait for the result to see if she going to need surgery or not. Today outfit is simply but cute. I know as the Girly Girl at work. When I wear no color I get ask what is wrong. Well today is Thursday and if you been following you know what that mean Awkward and Awesome Thursday. 

~Find a rock in the rice ~that I was getting ready to cook Yesterday
~Get Asked if my ring had real diamond in it by a customer on Tuesday
~Almost having the pharmacy door close on my head on Monday at Target

~Only drink one can of Soda a day and drink more water. I used to drink 3 to 4 can of soda a day.
~ Hubby buying me a Hanging Jewelry Box



  1. Lovvvvve the belt! Wow! I love awkward thursdays as u no...that was sweet of ur hubby given u a jewerly box

  2. I Love LOVE LOVE your belt! Very cute! Gotta love rocks in the rice!

  3. You belted your shirt! YAY!!! I love it!

    I have a jewelry box like that too. Still with no photos in it and still not hung up. I'm a slacker. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. A rock in your rice- that sounds dangerous! What a sweet gift from your hubby. I love the turquoise colour on you and I like how you belted the shirt- emphasizes your tiny waist!

  5. Love your outfit today! It is so cute! Can't wait to see your jewelry organizer!

  6. Nice outfit.. Haha I used to be the same way a few years ago with Diet Coke.. Addiction! Glad thats over though.. WERK!

    All the best, Angel


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