Monday, October 1, 2012

BBCA 1: Corset Top Work Outfit

Tasha Pink and Gold  Birthday Gift From Camille Of  I am Never Naked(2012)
 Barrettes From Ulta~2.00
 Neon Pink Heaven Steve Madden From DSW~27.96

Hello Everyone. Today is the first day of October and the first day of Blogging for Breast Cancer AwearNess. We already have two other blogger beside myself doing this Challenge again. I hope we can get some more to join in and help spread the word on Breast Cancer Awarness. 

Please note that the pink item doesn’t have to be a main piece; it can be shoes, a belt or even just a pair of earrings. Just some element of the outfit, regardless of how prominent, must be pink.

If you want to join in on this just leave a comment with you blog and name. That way I can add you to the blogger page.

For today outfit I UN-retire these pants and shirt. Due to they fit again. You guys are going to be see a lot of clothes that got retired but thanks to Insanity I can wear them again. Oh it was a happy morning. Retrying on my retired clothes. I find 14 new items that I can wear again. 1 of those items was the skirt I wore yesterday.

Today Breast Cancer Item Hanes Facebook Pages. For every 1000 they get on there breast cancer picture. There going to donate $5,000 to the national breast cancer foundation. 



  1. very cute shirt!

  2. I'm glad you like the earring I tried to pick ones that weren't too heavy and of course I picked pink ones!

  3. I love the corset top and it's so nice to have things for over 6years that we still wear! How much do I love your hot pink neon shoes and earrings! What a great challenge, too bad my wardrobe is very limited in pink items!

  4. Love your new banner dear and the earrings are so cute <3

  5. love how the top is corset-like



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