Friday, May 31, 2013

May Monthly Spending and Saving

5-1-13 Scarp-booking Class at the Arts and Craft Building-15.00
5-2-13 Sally Hasen Base/Topcoat From the Px-4.29~NEED
5-2-13 Schink Refill Razor Blades From The Px-9.39~NEED
5-4-13 Coach Sandals From The Px Normal 126.00 on clearance for 94.47-25% off=70.85 DIDN'T NEED
5-4-13 O.P.I. Princesse Rule From The Px-7.20~NEED
5-4-13 O.P.I. Elephantastic From The Px-6.80~NEED
5-4-13 Columbia Mint Green Jacket From the Px~99.00~NEED
5-6-13 Cotton Rounds From The Px~1.75~NEED
5-6-13 Nail Polish Remover From The PX-1.19~ NEED
5-14-13 Makeup Remover Wipe From The Px-3.59~ DIDN'T NEED
5-14-13 Sauve Body Wash in Cucumber Melon From The Px-1.90~ NEED
5-19-13 Panasonic Heat Eyelash Curler From The Px Normal 9.95 on Sale For 4.95~ DIDN'T NEED
5-20-13 Under Amour Shoe From The Px-63.99~ NEED
5-21-13 Yoga Mat From The Px-17.99~ NEED
5-21-13 Under Amour Water Bottle From The Px~10.95~NEED
5-26-13 Suave Keratin Shampoo From The Px-3.29~ NEED
5-26-13 Suave Keratin Conditioner From The Px-3.29~ NEED
5-26-13 Got 2B Guardian Angel Gloss Finish Flat Iron Balm From The Px-4.85~NEED


Hello everyone. This month I went a little over broad and way over budget. The big purchase where my 2 pair of shoe and my jacket. I need to jacket since it rain a lot in Germany. The jacket is water proof. Which is prefect to wear in the rain. I did break my clothing ban with buying it. For the shoe. I didn't need the coach sandals at all. I just mainly got them do to they were on sale. Plus the will give me another pair of sandals to wear until I get my stuff in July. As for the Under Amour shoe I need them for Zumba. I been going to Zumba on Monday and Thursday.  The first time I did Zumba in my walking Puma shoe and man did my feet hurt. Also on Tuesday I do circuit training. So the Under Amour Shoe work for that. 

Broke my clothing ban at 40 days. Now to start over again.

I have gone 28 days with out buying clothes and 11 days with out buying shoe.

Total Spending for the Year

Total Saving for the Year



  1. Wow, this is really impressive. I definitely need to be more careful about what I'm spending.


  2. buon weekend (: Reb, xoxo.

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  3. That's awesome you are taking a scrapbooking class! I've always wanted to do that ;)

    Pearls & Paws

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  5. 28 days without buying clothes.. that's more than what I could do!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Hi Amy! I've been following your blog for quite some time now, and have been inspired to begin my own style blog.

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    From the looks of it, Germany is treating you well! Enjoy! -Ginger

  7. Amazing post! And your blog is amazing, tbh. Follow me and I follow back. Let me know when your done over on my blog!xo
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  8. 40 days is still pretty good!!

  9. You are still doing so well!! Great purchases!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. Great purchases!

    I have a giveaway ending in under 48 hours! Make sure you check it out here - you could win an Hermes/Homies sweater!x

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