Sunday, December 14, 2014

Black Friday Old Navy Haul


Hello Everyone. I only did a little bit of shopping on black Friday and it was at Old  The item I pick up were item on my clothing wishlist and a need item.  I have been want a sweater dress for years now. I even look for some when I was in the states last month but had no luck find anything I liked. So when I find out about Old Navy black Friday sale. I knew I had to look there. Which I'm glad I did because I find two sweater dress I like.  One thing I like about Old Navy online is that you can order tall item. So I order everything in a medium tall. 

My package arrived on December 10. The moment I got it. I try every thing on and it fit awesome. The pants are super long but I like that. I'm weird when it come to pj's pant. They can't be flood pant. If they are I won't sleep in them. Which is what has happen with most of my pj's pant. So that why I order these one.

Today Christmas item is my gingerbread men sock that I wore on Friday. 


  1. Love the sweater dress!

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  2. Wow Amy you got so many cool items. Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. all items are amazing ,,, xoxo


  4. Lovely! I so love the sweaters. Happy Monday! :)

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  5. great pieces!!

  6. I like my pjs to be really long too. That's a great idea to order them in a tall! Love the pieces you got!

  7. Great haul! I adore Old Navy. That cowl neck dress is TDF! T.

  8. hey there :) cool post !its pretty!

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  9. great picks! Love those sweater dresses you got.. and cutie socks as well..! ;)
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    Dearest yours,
    Jong :)

  10. i like the sweater dresses you have! they look like good staples to layer up on.


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