Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good Bye 2014

Geometric Vest Cardigan Christmas Gift From Scribble(2014)
White Gem Earring From On Style 200 Czech Republic Koruny(9.78 Dollars)
 Black Wedge Uggs From DSW~69.98 

Happy Wednesday Everyone. Since I'm not doing anything for New Years eve. I decide to wear my new vest cardigan. Which I'm in love with. I so see myself remixing this cardigan like mad. Since it is new years eve. I have decide to share my new year resolution.  Which for the year I didn't have my new year resolution until the end of January. Which was to be more organize. I don't want to say I failed this but I didn't get 100% organized. Like I want to. I got 50% organize. Which is better then where I was standing in 2013.

So for 2015 my new years resolution is to go a year with out buying shoe or clothes.  I firgure if I can go 5 month without buying new clothes. Why not try a year. Plus this will give me a chance to finally wore some clothes that I still have tags on.  Also learn what my style is.

Some rule in this resolution are.  
1. Only shoe I can buy are a pair of black flats. Since my broke and they are a staple in my closet.
2. New running shoe. ONLY WHEN MINE WORE OUT
3. Clothes from the recycling center don't count. Do to they are free
4. Gift card and gift don't count.

Along with no clothes and shoe shopping. I'm also going to go on a no nail polish ban. Which I did good this year and only brought 2 new nail polish.  The reason for no new nail polish is. I have over 100 polish and maybe only use 20 of them. Which some have gone bad and I had to get rid of them.

I will still be doing my monthly spending recaps. Which my goal for this year. Is 50 dollars a month. That's to buy body products and stuff I need. 

As of today I'm sitting at 32 days with out getting new shoe.  I'm not sure If I should roll that over to the new year or just start fresh. Please let me know what you think.
Shopping My Closet



  1. Wow,great look Amy!!

    I wish you a wonderful 2015!!!!!



  2. I love this vibrant shade!!!
    Happy New Year!
    May 2015 bring you success, joy and prosperity!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  3. A whole year? Wow! Go you!!! Happy New Year!

  4. I love that vest cardigan - it looks super cozy. Good luck in your year without clothing challenge!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  5. What a neat resolution, you go girl! I am praying hoping to be more organized in 2015. We shall see. Cute cardi and Happy New Years!

  6. I love your geo vest cardigan! Great resolutions...a year without buying clothes and nail polish and only spending $50/month. I wanna do something like that, too!! :) I don't know if you should start fresh or not, but I know you will decide the right thing <3 Happy New Year! (ps I have been doing this daily photo/journal blog so I'm linking to it!)

  7. Happy New Year doll! LOVE this vest!

  8. I love your vest and cannot wait to see all of the ways you restyle it.

    You have some great resolutions. I am going to try to do a 2 or 3 one month no shopping bans this year. So I can save up for some vacations!

  9. Happy new year Amy..................

  10. Such an awesome post, Amy! Love the great shots! Happy 2015 to you too, dear! May you have a wonderful new year! Well, I'm back in action & resuming my blog hopping now. So glad to be back blogging ^_^
    Luxury Haven

  11. you are looking so beautiful amy....happy new year
    keep in touch

  12. This outfit is so cute Amy. I am in love with that long vest and looks great paired with the hot pink!

  13. really loved your dress specifically your boots you're pretty


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