Monday, May 7, 2012


Maybelline& Maybelline New York Nail Polish Collection

  1. Wet Shine Diamonds~ 435 lilac
  2. 30 Cherry
  3. 71 Pearly Pastel
  4. 40 Blushing Bride
  5. 170 Crimson
  6. 230 Brassy
  7. 50 Passing by Pink
  8. 220 Ice Mauve
  9. 250 Berry Boucle
  10. 351 Mauve Diamonds
  11. 541 Pink Diamonds

60 Seconds & 10 Day Rimmel London Nail Polish
  1. 845 Sunny Side
  2. 658 Sundae
  3. 656 Iced Honey
  4. 810 Stop Traffic
  5. 10 Days~ 414 Insolence
Covergirl Boundless Color Nail Polish 

  1. 505 Pink Champagne
  2. 573 Blue You
  3. 510 Mauvelicious

  1. Black Crackle
  2. Techno Girl-Pink
  3. What's Your Poison-Red Glitter
  4. Base Coat
  5. Top Coat
  6. Silver Crackle
  7. Havana Dreams-Light Blue
  8. A-ha Moment-White
  9. Break a Leg Warmer
  10. Bring on the Snowflake
  11. Mermaid to Order
  12. I Don't Bite
  13. Eve-y on the Eyes
  14. Just a Little Dangerous
  15. Don't Feed the Hand Models
  16. Metro Chi
  17. Already Famous
  18. I'm with Brad
  19. Sample Sale
  20. Fiercely Fabulas
  21. Dear Diary
  22. How Cute is That?
  23. Natural Envirom-mint
  24. It Hippo to be Square
  25. Access 24/7
  26. Ms. Can't be Wrong

NYC Nail Polish
  1. 239
  2. 241
  3. 114A Taxi Yellow Creme

 Random Nail Polish
  1. Loreal 410 Mango-Get-Me
  2. Kiss French Tip
  3. Kiss Bio-Strength
  4. Sinful Color 920 24/7
  5. Sally Hansen 10 LCD
  6. Old Navy Tip Toe Orchid Fever
  7. Revlon 933 Emerald City
Hello Everyone. Today I decide to do an update nails polish collection for you. My first nail polish post was in September 2010 and at that time I had 25 bottles. Well now I have 56 bottle. Which is mainly O.P.I polish. Which I got in to last year. I have used almost all these polish at least once. A lot of the O.P.I  haven't been used yet. Since I just got the mini ones for Christmas. Those are the ones I have been using for the most part these last couple month. 



  1. ı loved your blog it look so stylish and elegant! i am following you, if yu follow me too i will be so happy :)

  2. You have a great nail polish collection! I am starting to build my nail polish collection.


  3. I just went through my collection last night and threw out some OLD like REALLLLLLY old colours!

  4. Check out that nail polish! What a great collection.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Thank you for stopping by!! And 21 Jump Street is an awesome movie, I laugh the whole time through the entire movie!! You should so go and watch it :) Love all your nail polish colours!!

  6. Great with a little update!

    Thanks for the sweet comment!

    Stop by soon!

    /L from sweden

  7. What a great nail polish collection you have Amy ! I updated my collection last summer after my daughter said that I have "old lady" colors !! We got some of the newer colors !

  8. I really shouldn't have seen this post....I have an OBSESSION with nail polish. I always have a tendency to buy a bunch of colors and never wear them. Now I really want to go buy yellow creme one, since I don't have a yellowish polish yet....

    A Southern Drawl

  9. You have a great nail polish collection! I love beautiful nail polish colors. I rarely take the time to paint my nails though.

  10. I love the brush on the 60 second Rimmel- my fave nail polish is Revlon! At last count I have about 120 bottles- it becomes such an addiction!

  11. great colors!

  12. wow what a fabulous collection! You can come help me paint my right hand any time :)

  13. Awesome colors, come paint my nails!

  14. Wow that's an impressive collection!! Fabulous :)

  15. WOw, you have a lot of polish! Love all the colors ;)


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