Sunday, September 30, 2012


 Brown Tank From Target 4.00
 White Tights From Macy's~ not sure how much they are I had them for a few years now
 Lia Sophia Mother Of Pearl Of Necklace Christmas Gift From My MIL Peg Friend(2010)
Earring From CR-4.00
Headband From Target
 Ugg Brown Boots Gift From Hubby From DSW

Hello Everyone. I haven't worn this skirt in 2 years. Due to I put on some weight. So there for it was to small on me. Which it was a sad day for me to have to retire this skirt. Hubby told me to hold on it to it. So I did. Well this morning I had no clue what I want to wear. So I look at my retired clothes bag and seen this skirt. I was like I'm going to try that skirt on. So when it fit. I was jumping for joy. I was like I'm going to wear this to work. At first I was going to wear it the only way I have ever worn it. Which was paired with my ivory turtleneck shirt. I knew I had featured it on the blog before. So I told myself I needed to remix it. At first I grabbed a long sleeve brown shirt and was going to wear the skirt with it. I decided it wasn't dress enough for me. So I went with my trusted white dress shirt. Which I love how it try out.  My Manger M was like you are such an inspiration to me. You make me want to wear tights a boots. So that made my day too. 

On a side note. Hubby this morning was like didn't you wear white tights yesterday. I was like yes and told him I own 4 pairs of them. Plus the white tight I wore yesterday where sweater one.

Tomorrow is the 1st of October so that means it time to wear pink for breast cancer. To get the word out there that every woman should go out and get test. Normal Melissa from A Working Mom's Closet host this every year but due to her busy schedule this year. She won't be able to. So I asked her kindly if I could host Blogging for Beast Cancer aWEARness this year. Which she was kindly said I could.   

Breast cancer  awareness is a cause that is truly close to my heart. Since I have main family member and friends who have it. Plus lost a few people to it. So I do whatever I can to support this cause. I hope you will join me in doing this too.

I will be wear pink for 31 day. If you would like to join leave a comment with your name and blog. So I can get a page up and going. Also so you know you don't have to wear pink the whole month like me. If you can only do a day or a week. That fine. Also pink a be any shade of pink and it doesn't matter if it pink nail polish or earrings. It can be any type of pink you want it and item.



  1. Love your skirt

  2. that's awesome! I don't think I could wear pink for 31 days because I don't own that much but that is awesome

  3. Yay! Congrats for fitting right back into your old skirt, I would jump for joy too!
    Always love plaids!

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  4. Glad you are keeping up with the BBCA tradition. We will be doing a Mother/Daughter Remix this month. Love your skirt too!

  5. Hooray for new/old clothes! :) Thanks again for hosting the challenge this year. Hopefully next year I'll be back to normal schedule-wise and able to do it!

  6. Very glad that it fits you again


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