Thursday, October 31, 2013

BBCA DAY 31~ October Spending and Saving Recap

10-12-2013 Fake Finger Nails 6.99~ From The Px~ NEEDED
10-21-13 Covergirl Red Lipstick 5.79-2.00 Coupon=3.79 From The Px~ NEEDED
10-21-13 Covergirl Outlast Orange Nail Polish 2.99-100 Coupon=1.99 From The Px~ DIDN'T NEED
10-21-2013 Covergirl Eyeliner 7.29-1.50 Coupon=5.79 From The Px~ DIDN'T NEED
10-21-2013 Concealer Blush 1.59~ From The PX~ NEEDED
10-21-2013 Lip Brush 1.99~ From The Px~NEEDED
10-28-2013 White Cable Knit Sweater From Vero Moda~ 21.95 Euro(29.84 Dollars)~ DIDN'T  NEED
10-28-2013 Black Thermo Leggings From New Yorker~ 7.95 Euro(10.81 Dollars)~DIDN'T NEED
10-28-2013 Black Thermo Tights From New Yorker~7.95 Euro(10.81 Dollars)~DIDN'T NEED
10-28-2013 UA Neon Pink Back Pack From The Px~22.00~ NEEDED
10-30-2013 Neon Pink Jersey Skirt From H&M~4.95 Euro(6.73 Dollars)~ DIDN'T NEED
10-30-2013 Black and White Stripe Jersey Skirt From H&M~4.95 Euro(6.73 Dollars)~ DIDN'T NEED
10-30-2013 White Knit Scarf From C&A~9.00 Euro(12.24 Dollars)~NEEDED

Saving~ 3,855.71

Hello Everyone. It that time of the month for my recap spending post. Which I brought way to much stuff this month. Also I broke my shopping ban on clothes. I went 64 day with out buying new clothes. I did most of my shopping on Monday with Hubby. Then on Wednesday I went out to lunch with my friends. We walk in to H&M and I fall in love with the two skirt I got. I can't wait to style them. Also the cable knit sweater I fall in love with too. The few things that I needed where for my Halloween costume. 

Total Spending for the Year
September- 30.50

Total Saving for the Year

145 Days without buying shoe

Ya For Dinner Time
 Grey Thin Sweater From Aeropostale~39.50 
Pink Cami From CR ~6.00 I got 50% off

Flare-Leg Jeans~ C/O Kmart 21.99
 Beret From CR~14.50~ I got it for 40% off
UA Jacket From The UA Outlet

Pink Coach Purse~ Wedding Anniversary(2012)
Pink Ugg Boots From DSW~44.96

This is the outfit I wore out tonight out to dinner. Hubby surprised me by taking his phone out. He ago stand there. Normal I have to asked him to take my picture. I think deep down he is really enjoy taking my picture.

I haven't worn this beret since 2010. Which I have no idea why I haven't worn it after that.

I want to thank all the blogger who join me in BBCA this year. You girls rock.
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Today Breast Cancer Item is Friends of Mel

Happy Thursday Everyone.


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