Monday, February 13, 2012

My Make Up Collection~ UPDATED POST


Bare Minerals
  1. Mineral Veil SPF 25
  2. Mineral Veil
  3. Warmth ~ Use only during the Summer Monthes
  4. Medium C25
  5. Golden Gate Blush
  6. Flawless Definition Mascara
  7. Big &Bright Eyeliner
  1. BM Flawless Face
  2. BM Full Flawless Face
  3. BM Id Max Coverage concealer
  4. BM Contour& Define
  5. BM Eyeliner
  6. BM Angled Blush
Lips Stick/Stains/Gloss 
  1. Brut's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
  2. Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm(Not Picture. I keep it in my Purse)
  3. Lip Buxon Sugar
  4. Beauty Rush Minty Lip Shine with Peppermint Oil(Not Picture. I keep it in my Purse)
  5. Elf Lip Stain Red Carpet #91106
  6. Lip Buxon Laura~ Hot Pink
  7. Buxon London ~Light Pink
  8. VS Lip Gloss Yearning
  9. Covergirl Clear Gloss
  10. Covergirl 415 Lip Stain
  11. Covergirl 402 Lip Stain ~ Won From Covergirl Facebook page
  12. Covergirl 420 Lip Stain
  13. Pink Lip Butter Fresh

Eye Shadow
  1. VS Eye Shadow Quad Ravashing
  2. Stila Trendsetting in Tokyo Won From Curves Ahead Make Up Giveaway. I have already hit pan on the color sake.
  3. Colour Me Glow Profusin 12 shade eyeshadow
Hello Everyone. Today I decide to do an update makeup post for you all. Since it's been over year. Since I did one last. Which I'm using way less make up now then I was back then. To see my first make up post click HERE. I hope you all enjoy this post. 



  1. I need to clean out my make-up drawer....BAD!

  2. great products! thanks for sharing

  3. I recently just got my makeup pared down to what I actually use. You have a good collection here.

  4. great posting....and also you are looking so good..thank you for sharing with us..

  5. been collecting too much make up these days. I just can t seem to help myself!


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