Friday, June 28, 2013

June Monthly Spending and Saving

6-5-13 Hair Cut Done By a Friend~30.00~ DID NEED
6-5-13 Sequin T-shirt From the Px~ Normal 17.99 on Clearance For 1.00~ DIDN'T NEED(have worn twice just no blog post on it)
6-5-13 Orange Peplum Tank Top From The Px~Normal 17.00 on Clearance For 1.00~ DID'T NEED~ Just couldn't pass the sale up
6-5-13 Got 2b Crazysleek xl Conditioning Flat Iron & Blow Dry Lotion From The Px~4.85~DIDN'T NEED
6-6-13 Shaving Cream From The Px~ 2.65- .55 cent coupon and the double coupon=1.55~ DID NEED
6-8-13 Black Italian Shoe Maker Wedges From The Px~ Normal 39.00 on Clearance for 29.12~DIDN'T NEED
6-8-13 Mole Skin For my Blisters on my feet From The Commissary~1.96~DID NEED
6-11-13 Secret Deodorant From the PX~ Normal 3.95 on Sale for 2.89-50 cent coupon=2.49~ DID NEED
6-12-13 60 Greeting Cards From Hallmark~7.43~Decide to stock up on them since Hallmark is going out of business on base.
6-17-13 Soffe Short From The Px~ Normal 6.99 on Clearance 3.95~ DID NEED
6-17-13 Soffe Short From The Px~ Normal 6.99 on Clearance 3.95~DID NEED
6-17-13 Bra Set From The Px~Normal 15.00 on Clearance 3.67~ DIDN'T NEED
6-17-13 Total Shades Sunglass From The Px~14.99~DID NEED


Hello Everyone. Its the end of that month again. So that means monthly recap of my spending. Which I can say since I have moved over to Germany 2 month ago. This has been the 1st month I haven't spent 200.00 dollars. Which is a good sign. Also I know for sure next month will be better. Due to I will be in my house. After living 3 month in a hotel and out of my suitcase.

This month I did buy a couple of clothes. Which the tops I didn't need at all. As for the short I needed them to work out in. Last week we were having very high 90's degree weather and working out in pants in that type of weather is no fun. If you been following my blog you know that I have been doing Zumba and Turbo Kick. 

The shoe I didn't need at all. Hubby and me were meeting up with some friends and we were going to a nice restaurant to eat. Which I didn't pack any dress shoe with me. So that where buying the wedges came in to play. 

Then Hallmark on base is going out of business so I had to stock up on my cards. If you know me you know I love to send out Birthday cards and Christmas Card. Also little gift here and there to friends. Also I a huge fan of getting card in the mail. That I even have a whole scrapbook fill of greeting cards that I got during High School. 

Total Spending for the Year

Total Saving for the Year



  1. wow, you did a good job this month!

  2. You did pretty good with your saving. I don't blame you for buying some workout tops so you don't sweat to death. Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm so glad you are getting settled in here! Those shoes are adorable :)

  4. wow you did such a good job budgeting this month! congrats!

  5. Very good, omg i try but i cant. kkkkk i always spend more them i can.

  6. i like how you keep track of everything, what a good way to budget yourself!
    MI Vivere


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