Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holiday Tag /Christmas Eve

1. Which Holiday do you celebrate? 

2. Favorite Holiday Meal/Dish? 
Ham and Mashed Potatoes

3. Favorite Holiday Treat? 
Oma Waffle Cookie and Pretzel Delights

4. Favorite Holiday Drink? 
Hot Chocolate

5. Favorite Holiday Movie? 
Frost the Snowman

6. Favorite Holiday Show? 
I don't have one

7. Favorite Holiday Song? 
Mariah Carey Oh Santa

8. Sled Riding or Ice skating?
Sled riding

9. Do you make cookies? 
Yes, Every year and I give them away as gifts

10. Favorite Holiday Memorie(s). 
Making cookie with my sister and mom. 
Also Christmas breakfast with the whole Family.

11. Whats on your wish list?
Old Navy Fox Sweater

12. Best thing you have gotten as a gift. 
My mom coming out of a coma in 2007. That was one rough Christmas for all of us. I got a phone call at 4am in Germany saying I need to go back to the state. That things didn't look good at all for my mom. The next day I was on a plane to Michigan. My mom was in a coma for 2 and half week.  Lucky we are blessed and she come out of it. She is doing much better now. She did loss feeling in her left side. 

13. Any other traditions?
Every year I get a new Christmas ornament for my brother in law, sister and hubby. My brother in law gets me a new ornament every year as well.

14. Are you making any resolutions? What are they?
Yes I make new year resolutions but right now not sure what they will be.

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone. The other day Elle Sees posted this tag on her blog. So I decide I would do it too. 

Today Christmas Item is Gift under my tree and gift I left for the neighbors


  1. Merry Christmas
    May God Bless u and ur family, haleluyah!

  2. Cute Tag like the answer for number 5.
    Merry Christmas my new friend looking forward to seeing more of your awesome post may your home be filled with the magic of Christmas.

  3. Cute tag my dear :D
    Happy Holiday and Marry Christmas to you and your family :D
    Have a nice day, kisses ;*



  4. HI babe, I wanna wish u a Merry Xmas! May it be a day full of love (and fashion)
    Nameless Fashion Blog
    Nameless Fashion Blog Facebook page

  5. yay!
    and so glad your mom is ok. that would def be the best gift ever. merry christmas!

    1. Thanks Elle, It was a super scary time for us. When I got the news. I was crying bloody murder. I even woke up hubby up with the crying. Lucky the army was nice to us and flow us back home for free. My mom still isn't 100% better but she doing way better now then she was that year.

  6. I am so happy your mom is doing better. What does she do about the one side she lost feeling on?

    1. She goes to therapy to help her with get some used back to that said. For the most part my dad help her out with a lot of daily things.


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