Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 16 30x30: January Nail Recap

 Brown Vest From Van Heusen~0.20 cents
Owl Earring From Pimkie ~ 1 Euro(1.37 Dollar) 
Brown Boots From DSW~ 41.97

Hello Everyone. Today is a semi-remix outfit due to my vest is brand new. I brought this vest in February of last year and hadn't worn it. I also forget how cheap I got this vest for. My husband used to shop at Van Heusen a lot. So we would get reward coupons like crazy. For the most part I can't find anything in there store. When I went in. So one day we went in and I saw this vest. At that time I decide I didn't need it due to we were moving. Well a few week later we went back to finish using are reward coupon before they expired and before the move. Well the vest was still there but now 85% off. So of course I had to get it then. Plus I had a 10 dollar off coupon.  Which made the deal even better.  

I think what took me so long to wear this vest is it on the shorter side. So I didn't like it with any of my other top. When I was deciding my 30x30 pick. I decide to add this vest to the mix. So I knew I would have to wore this vest once. Which I have to say I really like it with this shirt. Also vest are a must in my closet. There such a great staple piece that you can wear all year around. Plus today outfit is the prefect outfit for me to to do my errands in. 
 photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpg
Left side~ January 2,2014 First attempted at home gel nails~ Blue Sky Gel Polish Color Neon Blue
Top Right~ January 11th, 2014~O.P.I. Techno Girl
Bottom Right~ January 21, 2014~Emmi-Easy UV-Polish- Red Glitter-119

January flew by I had no chance to give you my nail recap for the month. So you get it today. For Christmas my hubby got me a at home gel nail system  with 4 nail colors. Which I was super surprised with. He know how much I love did my nails. So I was so excited to test it out and let just say my first try was okay. The blue wasn't dark. So I did 2 coat of it. Which in the need the polish only last 1 week instead of 2 like it said. Also we didn't know you need special cleaner to get the sticky stuff off after you do your nails. So we Google what to do to get the sticky stuff off and it said use rubbing alcohol. Which we didn't have any. So we also read to use just plain drinking alcohol. So we use vodka. Which it worked. So the next time I used the system. I used a different brand and did one coat of polish and it least the whole 2 weeks. Which I was Happy. I also went out and got rubbing alcohol. So no more wasting vodka on my nails. 

Well off to run my errands. 




  1. I loved your outfit especially your pink top darling....nail shades are also very pretty..:-)

  2. I agree January flew by you look fabulous doll.

  3. my nails are naked today! i'm freaking out. disney manicure coming soon

    1. My are naked right now and It driving me nuts. I have been busy this week and haven't got around to doing them. I think tomorrow morning I will do my pink gel nail polish.

  4. Love all of the nail colors!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. You're so brave to try gel nails! Are they worth the hassle? My nail polish barely lasts 2 days, so maybe!

    1. My regular last me a week. The red glitter gel polish last me two week. So yes it worth the hassle. Now that I have everything for them. It should be such a hassle.

  6. I love vests, too! They are so great for layering! Yours is a nice neutral color. I can't believe you got it for such a great price!

  7. Nice look dear :) cute your outfit!!!


    Kiss Tea

  8. What an awesome outfit! I love your nail polishes too! The Techno Girl one is my fave!

  9. Love the blue gel! You did a great job! :)

  10. Really like O.P.I. Techno Girl - and I love that you used vodka to remove the extra polish!! That's awesome haha!

    aka Bailey

  11. I love OPI Techno Girl. What a great pink! :)


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