Wednesday, February 19, 2014

January Photo of the day on Instagram

January 1st, 2014-lunch- hot pocket baked potatoes
 January 2nd, 2014-Begins with G- Gel Nail Polish. Did them myself with my at home gel system. Blue sky gel polish color neon blue
 January 3rd, 2014-my town-Downtown Wiesbaden
January 4, 2014- words to live by-Live like there's no tomorrow
January 5th, 2014-found- the precision q-tips. These work awesome to fix makeup and your nails after you paint them.
January 6th, 2014-Happens Everyday- I check all these site out a lot.(Facebook,IG,Twitter and My Blog)
January 7th, 2014- upside down- the crackers I used in my chili.
  January 8, 2014- lucky number- 13 due to I got married on Friday the 13
January 9th, 2014-natural. wear my head wrap made by MIL Peggy
 January 10, 2014-man made- steak wrapped in bacon. Not a health dinner but a good one. 
 January 11th, 2014-looking down-Picture that didn't make it on the blog for this POST
January 12, 2013-colorful- one of my organizing project today.
 January 13, 14-Makes me smile- getting snail mail, my family, friends and the small things.
 January 14th, 2014-3 things, dinner, glühwein gummy bears and dolce and gabbana eyeliner sephora 500 point gift.
 January 15, 2014- black and white
 January 16, 2014-sun- no sun picture today. The sun didn't come up it rain all day. So here the banana bier I had at dinner.
 January 17, 2014-Tiny-My red potatoes. One tiny and one big. Time for some fried potatoes.
 January 18, 2014-happy place- my home
 January 19, 2014-breakfast- confetti pancakes. Good morning everyone
 January 20, 2014-to do list- House work and wash clothes
January 21, 2014-blue- my lions water glass.
 January 22, 2014-nice döner dürüm for dinner
 January 23, 2014-bedtime-9:44pm-night everyone
 January 24, 2014-your space- my desk- where all my blogging happen. Also I have a pink computer tower. That my hubby custom made for me.
 January 25, 2014-taste of winter/summer- can't wait to wear my sandal again and drink bier in the grass. Winter- Priscilla in Michigan playing in the snow. I miss my puppy dog.
 January 26, 2014-Fun Stuff- my sequins shoe. That I wore today
 January 27, 2014-Something I brought- Well hubby brought for me. A 100 nail polish holder. Now to hang it on the wall and fill it up. Can't wait.
 January 28, 2014-dinner- broccoli and potato soup
 January 29, 2014-window- my bathroom window
 January 30, 2014-best invention ever- egg maker. I thought my husband was crazy when he brought this. Now it my favorite thing to use. Hard boil eggs in no time. With the prefect yellow inside.
 January 31, 2014-polka dot- wearing my polka dot scarf as a headband.

Hello Everyone. Now that 30x30 is over with. My blog will be going back to it regular schedule. 3 outfit post and 3 whatever post a week. There might not be anymore outfit post for this month. That way I can get caught up on my monthly post that I have in place. Also I will be getting ready for my mini vacation. Paris here I come. 

So to get back to my regular schedule around here. I wanted to start it off with IG photo of the day. I started doing these post last year but with my move I stop. So there year I plan on having this post up every month. I love doing this IG challenged it so much fun. Which I have already miss on day for the month of February. 



  1. cool images I like them.

  2. I enjoy seeing what you are up to on IG!

  3. Thanks for sharing your INSTA-LIFE with us Amy!!!


  4. great photos!

  5. We love seeing Instagram recaps! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. Love seeing all the pictures!


  7. i hope you have a fantastic time in paris!!!

  8. Lots of cute pictures! Have fun on your trip to Paris!

  9. love your blog,I folow you now :)

  10. love love love

    My blog here

  11. Love all the pictures! Instagram is my favorite!

  12. love the recap dear !! all pics are very nice :) xx

  13. i've got a post with the precision tips tomorrow!

  14. Lovely instagram photos girl. Check out my blog and outfits on LOOKBOOK

    Louisa Moje


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