Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Spening and Saving

May 5, 2014 Poof Ball From The Body Shop 2.50 Euro(3.41 Dollars)NEED
May 7, 2014 Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions Lash Blast Mascara From The Px Normal 6.39 on sale for 30% off=4.47-2.00 Coupons=2.47 NEED
May 7, 2014 Got 2b Crazysleek xl Conditioning Flat Iron & Blow Dry Lotion From The Px~4.99-2.00 Coupon=2.99 NEED
May 9, 2014  Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint Month Wash From The Commissary 5.33-.55 Cent=4.78 NEED*
May 13, 2014 Suave  mango mandarin body wash From The PX 1.90 NEED
May 15, 2014 Always Pads From The Commissary 3.54-2.00 Coupon=1.54 NEED
May 15, 2014 Pearl Tampons From The Commissary 6.87-2.00 Coupon=4.87 NEED
May 18, 2014 UA Pure Stretch Underwear For The PX 10.00 DIDN'T NEED
May 18, 2014 UA Pure Stretch Underwear For The PX 10.00 DIDN'T NEED
May 18, 2014  Suave Sleek Shampoo From The Commissary 1.79-.50 Cents Coupon=1.29 NEED
May 18, 2014 Suave Sleek Condition From The Commissary 1.79-.50 Cents Coupon=1.29 NEED
May 25, 2014 Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response From The Commissary 5.70-5.00 Coupon=.70 NEED
May 25, 2014 Secret Clinical Strength Sport Fresh From The Commissary 5.70-4.00 Coupon=1.70 NEED


 Total Spending for the Year
March~ 464.59
April~ 48.15

Total Saving for the Year
April~ 757.54
Total Days of not buy shoe or clothes
Clothes~ 76 Days
Shoes~89 Days
Hello Everyone. I normal don't post on Saturdays but I wanted to get my May purchase up. This was a great spending month. I only got the stuff I need minus 2 items which was the underwear. I was in the workout part of the PX and saw them. Since I have been working out a lot I figure I would give them a try. I kept debating if it would be breaking my clothes ban. Then decide it wasn't since no one is going to see them beside myself and my hubby. 
 *My husband doesn't use the same mouth wash as me. So that why I added in to my purchase recap. 



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  2. All very useful items.

  3. Bardzo mi siÄ™ podoba! Super rzeczy :*

  4. Have a great week end too :)))

  5. A lot of great products! Nice!


  6. i spent so much this month. on a shopping ban now!


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