Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How I got Priscilla

July 4th

Hello all. March mark 6 years that we have had Priscilla. I love this dogie with all my heart. Some day I wounder where she would be if I didn't take her in.  She is a very loving and friendly dog. 

July 2006~ In my old room at my parents house
One day I was working at this store called Save a Lot. When I was talking to a customer about Casey(my parents dog). The lady asked if I would like a dog that she find outside of an apartment building as she was deriving mail. I told her I would have to talk to my husband about it. At the time Hubby was station in Arizona. So I called him up and asked him if I could get the dog. Which he said yes. At that time we where looking for a dog. Which I wanted a small tea cup one but I'm glad I got Priscilla. So after he told me yes. I made plan to pick Priscilla up. She was just a puppy at the time. The lady told me I could change Priscilla name. She just name her that because she had a boy lab name Elvis.  The only reason she couldn't keep Priscilla was because Priscilla want to play with Elvis and kept running him in to walls. He was an older dog. 

Priscilla and Casey

Priscilla and Casey had no Problem become friend. They played together and alway were by each other time. Then it came time for me to move to Germany and become reanimate with my Hubby again. Which that when Priscilla and Casey got in to a big fright. Both dogs were ok in the end. The only thing is they can't see each other because when its time to leave they fright.

Paige and Priscilla

When we moved to Florida Priscilla meet Paige. These to dogs become good friend. Paige(had bad hips and legs) even try walking up a flight of stair one day to see Priscilla. Priscilla would go visit Paige every night just about. We are sadly to say Paige got cancer and didn't make it. She was put down last month. It was a sad day for everyone. 

One day in December Priscilla decide to use my laptop has a pillow. When I was going to write a blogs. 

I hope you enjoy my story on my baby girl Priscilla. Today I'm off and going to clean house.

P.S. Hubby was in the Army. That why we moved a lot. 



  1. aww love this story! i love that pic of u 2!!! i wish i had a pet :(

  2. such a nice story! I like dogs. I have a lab and a cajne terrier.
    Your pictures are so nice!

  3. Dear Amy, I remember when you got Priscilla, and she is all grown up now into a beautiful dog. It is such a sweet story.

    Love and hugs,
    WD <3

  4. Priscilla is adorable! She's so lucky you adopted her! <3


  5. Aww they are both adorable!



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