Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things I Like Very Much

I have over 100 headband and 20 are PINK 
I have over 60 Cami's and Tanks. Which I have 16 PINK ones.
9 Ballet Flats but no PINK ones
The Color PINK 

Hello Everyone. 
So here 4 things I love or you could say addicted to. 

First thing is headbands. I never used to be big in to them but when I live in Germany. Then I become a little bit obsessed with them. So friend, family and myself brought them for me. So now I have 110 of them and 20 are Pink alone. The highest price one in $6.00. The lowest one is .50 cents. I wear them all the time. Which you can see on my blog.

The second thing is Cami and Tanks. I have 60 or more of them. I haven't counted them in a few month. So my number might be off by a few.  Just 16 of them alone are Pink ones. I love them. You can wear them alone or dress them up. There so much you can do with them. For the most part have a tank or Cami under ever shirt I wear. The highest on is $10.00 and the lowest price on is $1.50. 

The third thing is Ballet Flats. I have 9 pairs as of right now. I used to have 12 pair but over time 3 fall apart. These shoe are so comfy and come in cute styles. I'm always falling in love with new ones at work but this girl doesn't have tons of money. So that mean I can only get the one's that I'm madly in love with. This highest pair is $30.00 and the lowest is $15.00. One day I will own a pair of Pink one. Just wait and you will see. 

The fourth and last thing on my list is the color PINK. I have no idea why I'm obsessed with this color. It is my all time favorite color. I have got told it is because I'm girl girly. Who really know. I just know Pink is my color. Which most people know this. I can't tell you how much Pink items I own. My lunch box is Pink and tons of other things. I get told by co-worker. When I see you lunch box I know you are here at work. 

If you like you can go and clink on the Breast Cancer Label and see how I rock the color Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

So I hope you all enjoy my 4 Favorite things to wear and buy. 

Here the Song I'm love at the moment. Bruno Mars~ The lazy Song.


P.S. Next time you see a picture of me. I will have a new hair cut. 


  1. YAY! cant wait to c the new look. ur so organized..i need to get some

  2. pink is by far my favorite color too!


  3. @ moya2bean can't wait to show it off

    @ Miranda isn't a great color


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