Thursday, March 3, 2011

1st Outfit After 30x30 and Happy Birthday Scribble

Remix Outfit
Green Little Girls Tank Top From Target~4.99
Earring From Fashion Bug- Gift from my Grandma ~ I have had these for a very long time and i still love them.
Headband From A Dollar Store or Gift not sure
Brown Flats From Target-22.99

Hello Everyone. Just let me tell you. It was hard to pick an outfit out today. I walked in to the closet.  Looked at all my clothes and started to laugh. Man how 30x30 made it so much easier to get dress. I'm glad it is over because I was starting to get bored with it.  I did know one thing that I want to wear today and  that is these Khaki pants. This is the second time I'm wearing them. Which I got them for Christmas. Also with today outfit I mixed it up. I always would just wear a brown tank under this shirt. One day I notice this shirt has a hint of green lace. So today I told myself. Let me mix things up and wear a green tank under it. I love how it turn out. 

Also I was looking at the every first time I wear this outfit on my blog. As I was looking I notice my face has filled out a lot since I started this blog. Which is a good thing. I no longer have a bony face.  If you want to see it go HERE.

I want to wish my good online friend Scribble a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I love you girly. I hope today is a very special day for you. 



  1. What a fun outfit, I like the longer tunic with the pants. You look great!

    It really is funny how getting dressed was easier with limited options. I may have to consider getting rid of some of my options!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. It WAS great to have our pick of clothes today. I like your long top over pants look. I was looking forward to wearing my new boots today. You are right it was easier to get dressed before so I am NOT going to completely crowd my closet up again.


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