Thursday, September 6, 2012

Update: Camisole and Headband Collection

All my cami and tanks thrown on to the bed. So I can reorganize them. 

Finish product.

Hello Everyone. Today I thought it would be fun to give you an update Camisole collection. Since I was plan on reorganizing that drawer any ways today. Which I have to do this ever so many odd month because it get messy.  You can Click HERE to see my first Camisole and headband  post.  Which is from March 2011.

Which I can say I'm proud of myself for not buying any new camis. I have gone a whole year and not brought any new tanks or camis. I have got one new cami as a birthday gift from L. So now I have 61 cami. I could go two months with out washing them if I wanted to. Don't worry I won't do that.

So to break down all the cami I have.

15 different shades of pink
12 white ones ( with lace and without lace)
9 black
3 red ( 1 with lace)
2 light yellow
2 grey
2 different shades of green
2 nude
2 different shade of purple
2 maroon
1 brown
6 different shade of blue
1 turquoise

Now on to my headbands.  Which I have also been good and not have brought any new headbands in a year. All the new that I have gotten have been Christmas and birthday gift. I have a total of 118 headbands. Which they live in two containers under the sink. I have them done by fat heabands and skinny/stretchy headbands.

Now to the break down on them.

13 purple
22 pink
4 yellow
2 green
14 white
8 red
4 maroon
2 orange
9 brown
15 black
8 nude
2 blue
15 blue

It's no surprise to me that the number 1 color that I own the most of is PINK. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to show you guy all my pink items. For now I don't want to think about it. I would scare myself if I knew.



  1. That's a lot of camis! I love you organized them! I love the color pink too :)

  2. Oh wow, you have a lot! Good job organizing!

  3. Last time I was so impressed with your new jewelry chest, and how nicely it was organized. This again!

  4. Holy cow! You have over 100 headbands? That's cool!
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  5. for even more room, try rolling them. that's what i do with my tshirts, and when i travel i roll my clothes. no wrinkles.

  6. Wonderful blog dear :)

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  7. Oh wow, that's quite a collection! I'm pretty sure you won't have to buy any more for a while! I've never been a huge cami person myself because I don't like layering unless I have to, but I love a good headband!


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