Sunday, March 9, 2014

February Photo of the day on Instagram

February 1st, 2014- You
 February 2nd, 2014-Favorite- some of my favorite food. Döner,sushi and Berliners
 February 3rd, 2014-Something orange- orange strips in my belt today.
 February 4, 2014-Childhood- my baby sister and me. My mom loved to dress us in matching outfits
 February 5th, 2014-Square- my Kleenex box in my livingroom
 February 6th, 2014-C is for- color
February 7th, 2014~Utensil~ Missed this day
 February 8th, 2014-Water- water in my 32oz mug
 February 9th, 2014-Details- my scarf I'm wearing today.
February10, 2014-I am a blogger
February 11, 2014-Mistake- it's ok to make them as long as we learn from them.

February 12, 2014-Out&about: lunch, ikea and my new space in my office.(ikea flowers, used bath&body work sea salt bottle, used picture frame as a tray and my UV lamp)
 February 13, 2014-Prefect- no one is prefect
 February 14, 2014-Hearts- Day 26 of 30x30
February 15, 2014-My drink of choice- coke and water. I only have coke 1 to 3 time a week. Used to drink it every day.
February 16, 2014-Create~ Missed this day
 February 17, 2014-Vegetable- green beans
February 18, 2014-Magic~Missed this Day 
February 19, 2014-Feet- my feet after my run, training for a 5k
 February 20, 2014-Peace- my peace sign earrings. That I got from a good friend as a birthday gift a few year ago.
 February 21, 2014-Funny- I so can relate to this
 February 22, 2014-An act of kindness~ Missed this day
 February 23, 2014-Where I relax- the corner of the couch
 February 24, 2014-Half- I split an apple strudel with my hubby. This is my half.
February 25, 2014-Cut- making salad for dinner

February 26, 2014-Light- got this lamp for 5.00 dollars

February 27, 2014-My view today- my suitcase with clothes in it

February 28, 2014-Reflection - train window

Hello Everyone. Today I'm sharing with you all another month of picture of the day. Which this month I missed 4 days. Due to being busy with getting my house organize and getting ready for my vacation. 

So far for this month of March I missed a day of photo of the day. Due to being tired from my trip. I went to bed at 8:30pm the other night and that same day took 3 cat naps. Tomorrow starts Paris week. For a whole I will be show you all my trip pictures. So get ready there a lot of them.



  1. Loving these pictures! Great Sunday to you as well. Kisses Would you like to follow each other?

  2. Lovely pictures! I love that quote about making mistakes. It is very true, you just learn from them.


  3. 5K? It's great! Why am I sooo lazy? :( :/
    I like your lipstick on the first photo.
    Sorry for my bad english, hehe :D:)

    1. 5k is a 3.1 mile run. Thanks is is revlon color stay lip liner in Red/Rouge with Buxom Krystal on top. You english is prefect.

  4. my mom used to dress my sister and i alike even though we're almost 2 yrs apart and she's a blonde!

  5. What a stylish month - love the heart print sweater!
    Enter my current giveaways!

  6. These are really adorable pics...:-)

  7. What a great idea to do a list of pics for a month! I Love it Amy.


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