Friday, January 21, 2011

She Wear Her 5 dollar Cardigan to Work

Peach Cardigan From Old Navy ~ 5.24
Lace White Cami From Old Navy~Hubby got it for me~ 4.50
Hydraulic Jeans From CR~7.99
Earring a gift From Peggy(MIL)
Necklace From a Good Online Friend
Headband From a store in Germany
White Heels- Payless

Hello Everyone. Work Was good today. It was a super slow morning at work. Then it picked up. The store is under remodel. Which it no fun to work in a store that getting remodel but I do like how it coming along. For today outfit I wear my new cardigan I got yesterday. I love it. I didn't try it on. I wish I would have but its all good. It has a satin ribbon on it. Which I didn't like how it looked in the front. So I tie it in the back. Tonight is movie nigh with hubby. We have started watching a new show called dollhouse and it very weird but good.  Well that is it for today. One thing before I leave my Facebook page hit 41 Fans.



  1. That cardigan is such a great color on you! It would look great with a teal tank underneath, too. :)

  2. Hello there! New reader right her, just found you and let me tell you that I love the way you work the camera! You pose so natural and cute!
    Great comfy outfit, that cardi looks wonderful on you, have a great weekend!

  3. and that $5 cardigan is gorgeous:) Awwwww, you get to wear flip flops...SOOO jealous!!

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  4. That cardigan looks great! What a good deal!

  5. You're looking great Amy. And wow that cardigan was a great bargain.


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