Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rocking My 2 Dollar Dress to Work.

Had time before I started my Shift. So I took this picture in the break room. Up close of the detail on the legging.

Plaid Purple Dress From Old Navy~2.48
Lace White Cami From Old Navy~Hubby got it for me~ 4.50~not Pictured
Purple Legging From Target ~3.24
White Belt From Target~3.74
Headband From Target~4.99
Earring From CR~4.00 w/40% off
A Necklace From A Secret Sister Christmas Swap.
Cherokee White Flat From Target brought them on clearance year ago

Hello Everyone.  I wasn't planing on wear a Cami under this dress but when I put it on I notice you could see my bra. So we can't have that. So I added the white lace Cami. Which I love how it looks. Also need to get more of these Cami. So today outfit is mostly from clearance rack. If you haven't notice by now. That I'm a big clearance shopper. Almost all my clothes come for them. I also own a lot of clothes for CR(Charlotte Russe) because I worked there for 2 years as a manger. So I got a 40% Discount there. Also most of my shoe are from DSW because I currently work there and get a 30% discount there. So I finally take the box to Plato's Closet today after work. They only brought 4 items off of me. So I made 12.00. Which I find a Jean Skirt for 10.00. So I brought it. Its a Guess Skirt. The best part is it still had the Guess tag on it. I'm a very picky Plato's Closet Shopper. I only will buy item that still have the stores price tags on them. Call me weird but that how I do it.  So I still have that box full of clothes there all good. So I might get a paypal and then open up a Smashion Shop.

So here my new Guess Skirt. Also this is my first Guess item. That I have own.

I thought It was Cute. Plus I need a Jean Skirt.

Also I want to let you all know about Collette of Statement of Fashion. She enter to be a Elf model. SO PLEASE GO VOTE FOR HER.  So she can win.



  1. I think the cami adds some texture and fun and I LOVE that you belted the dress! So cute!

    And what a cute denim skirt! I have to go find a good one since I got rid of my old one...

  2. The white lace cami looks really nice under it! Like Melissa said, it gives the outfit some texture! And girl, I think you just may have a gift for bargains. A $2 dress? Really?
    That's seriously awesome. AND impressive!

  3. This look is great and it is awesome that you got it for such a great deal! I love looking at old navy online, because sometimes you can find things for such a great price! THe last time I ordered from there I need some tees, and I got them for 3.25 a piece!

  4. hi! i wish i could go shopping with you, you can find the best deals. also, i love dsw, most of my shoes are from there too! so glad i found your blog =)


  5. I LOVE that skirt! Too cute! I've always been a fan of Guess.

    Call Me Ishmael


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