Friday, March 29, 2013

GUEST POST: H&K Style Journey

We are happy to be guest posting for Amy during her move back to Germany.  Best of luck to you and your husband Amy getting settled in!

We are a mother-daughter blogging duo who blog over at H&K Style Journey.  Heather is the mom and Kayla is the daughter. We don't always see eye to eye, but we do agree that we both have a love of fashion!  Plus, what's better than one closet?  Having two closets to raid! 

One thing that we try do to in our weekly Mother/Daughter Remixes is to style the same piece and show that it can be worn for all age ranges.  Kayla has more of a casual style and Heather's is more dressy.

Here are a few looks we have done recently:



Thank you Amy for having us and thanks for introducing us to your readers!

Stop on over to our blog and say hi!


  1. Thanks Amy for having us today! Hope you are getting settled in okay :)

  2. You girls rock. I love your Monday Remixes.

    Amy, good luck with your move back to Germany. Are you gonna go back to Michigan?

    1. Thank You. After are 3 years is up here. We might go back to Mi. We don't know for yet.

  3. Oh my goodness, I couldn't love this idea any more, it's brilliant! And how awesome to have such a stylish mamasita (c: And moving back to Germany?!? That's a big one! Good luck, I hope everything goes smoothly!


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