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GUEST POST: Shop My Clost From Camille of I am Never Naked

Camille Of I am Never Naked 

Make Sure you check out Camille Youtube Channel to see a video on How to Host a Shop My Closet Event.

If you know one thing about Amy it's that she loves to remix clothes. She also loves to save money. When you need to save money sometimes you have to sacrifice fun outings with friends, shopping and eating out. This is a sort of hybrid event that you can host! Have fun with friends, while getting your spring cleaning on and saving money! 

Shop My Closet

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To host this event you will need to do a little prep. Start by cleaning out your closet, go through everything. Be critical and honest, I've become my own worst enemy because I hold on to everything! 

I decided to create a boutique like shop in my basement, which is the next step, choosing a space. 
Preferably you'll want a big space, especially if you have friends bringing items to sell too. Set up tables  to lay out jewelry, place shoes or fold clothes. See below how I used desks to display my items.
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Next you will want to set a price; you could swap item for item (if your guests bring clothes) or do a dollar amount. I chose to price everything at a dollar, another idea is to fill a bag for $5 or buy 2 get 1 free. This makes it easy and won't slow down the party with calculations. Even better, if you were planning on donating let them choose what they want then donate whatever is left over, everybody wins! 

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For the atmosphere you'll need appetizers, drinks and music. The appetizers should be simple and something your guests in hold in their hands while they shop. I made individual dip cups with carrots and celery (check out the pic below), I also had popcorn chicken and rice crispy treats. Since all my guest were 21+ I bought wine and some soda. I had a little trouble setting up the music so I plugged in the radio as a last resort.
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An extra touch you can do is to make goodie bags! I had tons of makeup samples and some unused makeup I didn't need and used them to create some bags as a thank you for my guests! They are getting some clothes off your hands and giving you some extra money!
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If you're like me you have also saved shopping bags and boxes. You can give each friend a bag to shop with to keep their finds together. I also used boxes to package jewelry up. 

I hope this inspires you to spring clean and host a fun girl's night with your friends!

If you have any questions please send me an email or tweet!
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