Monday, April 29, 2013

March and April Monthly Spending and Saving

March Spending
DSW~ Didn't Need
3-1-13 Guess Pink Wedge Normal 59.95-30%=41.96
3-17-13 Calvin Klein Nude Peep Toe Shoe Normal 59.94-70%=17.98-30%=12.59
3-17-13 Hilfiger Nude, Red and Nude Sandals Normal 59.94-80%=11.99-30%=8.39
3-17-13 Simpson Gold Heels Normal 59.94-80%=11.99-30%=8.39
3-17-13 Nude Bow Peep Toe Normal 39.94-80%=7.99-30%=5.59
3-17-13 Silver Peep Toe Flats Normal 49.94-80%=9.99-30%=6.99
3-17-13 #6's Blue Wedge Normal 44.94-40%=26.96-30%=18.87
3-17-13 Brooke Red Kitten Heels Normal 49.94-70%=14.98-30%=10.49
3-17-13 Kelly&Katie Red Heels Normal 34.94-30%=24.46-30%=17.12
3-17-13 Vintage Nude Sandals Normal 89.94-80%=17.99-30%=12.59

3-2-13 Pore Stripes From Meijer Normal 6.59-1.00 Coupon=5.59~ DID NEED

Old Navy~ Didn't Need
3-17-13 Diva Skinny Jeans Normal 29.50 on Clearance For 12.99-15% Coupon=11.04
3-22-13 Chambray Camper Shirt Normal 24.94 on Sale For 19.00-15% Coupon=16.15

Saving- 2,738.17
April Buys
4-3-13 VIVI Nails Pedicure and Manicure-35~DID'T NEED
4-6-13 Shellac From Day Break-50~ DIDN'T NEED
4-8-13 Suave Shampoo From The PX-1.99~DID NEED
Suave Conditioner From The PX-1.99~ DID NEED
 Poof Ball From The PX-1.99~DID NEED
4-9-13 Disney Greeting Card From Hallmark-6.35~DID NEED( So I can mail Birthday Card Out)
Pink and Black Cards From Hallmark-7.95~DID NEED( So I can mail Birthday Card Out)
4-10-13 Shaving Cream From The Commissary-1.49~DID NEED
4-13-13 Suave Sweet Pea Body Wash From The PX-1.90~DID NEED
Plastic Reusable Cup From The PX-5.99~DID NEED(That way I can get water from the lobby of the hotel)
Makeup Remover Wipe From The PX-3.59~ DID NEED
4-13-13 Bare Minerals Foundation From Sephora 27.00-15% VIB Coupon=22.95 DID NEED
Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara From Sephora 18.00-15% VIB Coupon=15.30 DID NEED
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose Tinted From Sephora 22.50-15% VIB Coupon=19.13 DID NEED
4-20-13 Braun Satin 7 straightener From 33.61 Euro(43.88 Dollars)~ DID NEED
Braun Satin 7 Blow Dryer From 29.40 Euro(38.39 Dollars)~ DID NEED

Total~ 257.89
Saving~ 2,955.14

Hello Everyone. Today I sharing with you all my monthly spending for March and April. I didn't do March recap last month due to my move but I still kept track of it. The big chunk of my spending in March was shoe. I want to stock up and get some shoe off my wish list. Plus take advantage of my 30% discount that I had at DSW. As for Old Navy goes if you been reading my blog for sometime now. You know that is my store. So I want to pick up some more skinny jeans. Since there no Old Navy in Germany. 

For this month April I had to get a lot of things. That I use on a daily basic. Mainly because you can only fit so much of it in your suitcase.  I needed a new blow dryer due to the one I had was 120v and in Germany the voltage is 220. So I gave my old one to my mom and brought a new one that would work over here. My straightener was dual voltage which was nice. Only problem is that it is 8 years old. So it start to make funny noise. So we thought it would be best to go buy a new one that was 220v. Which I'm loving my new blowdryer and straightener. My hair is nice a smooth with it. 

So over all I went over my 100.00 dollar spending for the month. Next month will be a better month. 

I have gone 38 days with out buying clothes and 43 days with out buying shoe.

Total Spending for the Year

Total Saving for the Year



  1. Lovely purchase Amy

  2. You didn't do bad at all. You got a lot for what you spent. Look at all those shoes!

  3. amazing post, love those shoes!
    Sergio, xx

  4. Thanks for stopping by our blog and following us, we follow you too. Keep in touch. Kisses from KENYA

  5. You got some amazing deals on those shoes. Who care if you didn't actually "need" them. What girl doesn't need a lot of shoes?


  6. even though you didn't need a lot of the items, look how much you saved! it's hard to say no to that!

  7. Look at all those shoes - so pretty!

  8. You did good considering you had to get some stuff that you can't get over there! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. gorgeous love

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