Sunday, December 7, 2014

November Photo of the day on Instagram

 November 1st, 2014 Something Blue... Blue on the Halloween napkins
November 2nd, 2014 I saw this... Cowboys and cardinals game.
November 3rd, 2014  Weather- Rainy and slightly cold out.
November 4th, 2014 Can't live without- My family support
November 5th, 2014 8 o'clock- I was in the car with my husband.
November 6th, 2014  Something that made me smile today ... Old navy like my photo from yesterday
November 7th, 2014 On the floor ....All the mail that like to fall off my keyboard tray.
November 8th, 2014  A place.... Paris.. So can't wait to go back here in March.
November 9th, 2014 Heck Yes- We did it again. 3rd game in a row we killed it at the end. Way to go lions.
November 10th, 2014 I do this everyday... Brush my teeth
November 11th, 2014 A set- Silverware at Applebee's
November 12th, 2014 Normal~ MISSED THIS DAY
November 13th, 2014  Letters~ Hot Pie advertisement
November 14th, 2014 For me- Red lobster
November 15th, 2014 Hot and cold. At my home it is 48 out. Where I'm at is 75.
November 16th, 2014 After- My chicken paprikash bowl when I was done. Homemade made by my Oma
November 17th, 2014 Cooking- No cooking for me tonight but I will eat this chocolate covered strawberries.

November 18th, 2014 I love this... My family
November 19th, 2014 Whole ~ MISSED THIS DAY
November 20th, 2014 Bright~ MISSED THIS DAY
November 21st, 2014 Shoe- At the airport waiting to board my plane back home.
November 22nd, 2014 A favorite thing- Pink, painted nails and strawberries
November 23rd, 2014  I made this.... 42 Christmas cards. I still have more to do.
November 24th, 2014 I need to do this! ~ MISSED THIS DAY
November 25th, 2014 Time- Dinner time- Pineapple chicken and rice.
November 26th, 2014 Wall~ MISSED THIS DAY
November 27th, 2014 I'm thankful for this. My family and everyone who supports my blog.
November 28th, 2014 Black- My husband drinking glühwein at Wiesbaden sternschuppen (Christmas market)
November 29th, 2014  So this happen... My October ipsy finally came in the mail. Which makes me super happy. To get my first Ipsy bag.
November 30th, 2014  I brought this ..... To make some home make gifts

Hello Everyone. It time for another recap of my photo of the day on IG. This month I missed 4 days of photo of the day. Due to travels and the holidays.  November was sure a fun month for me. I got to visit family in Florida. Also got some items off my clothes wishlist. Had a great Thanksgiving with friends. Also finally got my first Ipsy bag. 

Today Christmas item. My purple Christmas tree. Along with my Army Santa, Gold angel that used to be my husband grandma tree top. Which we long but on our tree due to the light bulb is broken on it. Vase filled with ornaments. 



  1. Nice :)

  2. Uwielbiam instagram :) Buziaki :*

  3. Awesome post! I love the Eiffel tower photo. Happy Monday! :)

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    1. Thanks Kenny, That is one of my favorite photo's from my trip in March.

  4. Maravilhoso arrasou.
    tenha uma semana abençoada, Curta e siga o meu canal

  5. Great pictures!
    The family picture is my fav.

  6. Lovely pics! My faves are the Halloween napkins (love Halloween) and the Eiffel Tower (I'm a Francophile). :) T.

  7. Such a great pictures :)

  8. I love seeing insta photots! Instagram is so fun!
    xo ClassToCloset

  9. nice pics Amy!


  10. Looks like you had a wonderful month on Instagram! Have a great week girl :)


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