Sunday, December 28, 2014

Random Sunday

October Selfie~ Part of me wishes I didn't cut my bangs. O well they will grow back to be this length again. See full outfit HERE
Selfie From November. This UA hoodless pocket sweatshirt is my go to item. For when I want to look put together and comfortable. I plan on taking full photo of this outfit the next time I wear it. I truly wear it like once a week.  I so wish I would have got this sweatshirt in another color.

Random selfie for last week. When I was digging my makeup. Not the best picture of it.

Part of my kitchen I re-did. There more to it. If you like to see the rest of it. Just let me know and I can do a post on it. 

Christmas Day table setting. Plus new shelf's we hung up in the dinning room.

Snow we got yesterday. Which this was fun to driving in. We had plan with some friend yesterday. Which our car couldn't go up there hill to get to there house. We even try pushing the car up the hill but it was a no go. So my husband had to park at the end of the hill. Then we walked in the snow to our friends house.  Once we got to our friends house we ate lunch and played board games. Which is the best way to spend a snowy cold winter day.



  1. love your make up on that photo. Looks as if it has snowed quite a bit already!

  2. I want to have these furniture in my dining room. So beautiful!

  3. Hooray, glad to hear you got so much snow! What a great Christmas surprise! Also, the new shelves in your dining room look so fantastic! Your dining room is fabulous!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  4. i love your first pic....happy holiday amy
    keep in touch

  5. Love the snow picture in the table!

  6. great pictures!
    Happy new year :)


  7. Oh very beautiful pics, I love it the pink hat!

  8. I love playing board games, too!

  9. ohhhso cute your rose glasses <3333333
    love too the snow :D
    thank you for sharing :)
    have an inspiring day! :*

  10. Christmas is a day for gathering with friends ^^


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