Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CLEAN THE CLOSET DAY ~Plus update Retired Clothes Page

Work Shirts

Clothes that I have out grown. No more 0-3 for me.
HELLO ALL, I been cleaning my closet out to see what fits and what doesn't fit. I'm going to be doing an update on my closet when I get it all finish but for right now this is a sneek peak. 

As I was going thru my clothes I was like I'm so glad I got work pant for Christmas because I out grown out of almost all of them I had only 3 pairs that fit. Also I'm only have 1 pencil skirt. I used to have 3 but I grown out 2 and pop the zipper on the other one. So I have learn what I need to buy now.

Things I need to buy are.
Black Carpis For Work ~ Due to one I brought last year grown out of them
Jean Skirt For work and to go out in~ Due to the two I had Don't fit no more
Cotton Black Leggings ~ Due to the ones I had got hole in the butt
Also make sure you check out the retired clothes pages. It has been update. 

To see how my Closet look before go HERE. It has change in the last 3 months. I going to love it when i'm finished with it.



  1. Dear Amy,
    Excellent job on the new figure! Soooo happy for you! Of course I'm looking forward to seeing the new items and great deals you find to replace some of these.

    I remember you do recycle the ones still in good condition, will you have any to recycle this time? Where will they go?

    Congratulations on your blog page design I LOVE it!

    Love and hugs,
    WD ♥

  2. great blog! Check mine too
    if you like leave a comment and follow! =*

  3. I spent hours a couple weeks ago cleaning out my closet. I am in desperate need of additional closet space.

  4. WD~ Some of the Clothes I will try to sell to Plato's Closet and some i'm still going to hold on to just in case I loss the weight again. Which I pray I don't.

    Thanks Mila

    Sunny& Stars. I hear you in the need more space part.


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