Thursday, October 21, 2010

Work Outfit October 21th , 2010~BBCA DAY 21

Another Remix Outfit
Brown Dress Pants From Target~26.99
Brown Flats From Target-22.99
Necklace ~ was a gift from My Mother in Law Peg, It was her Grandma necklace.
Earrings from Charlotte Russe- 4.00
Barrettes from Ulta~2.00

Hello Everyone. Happy Thursday. One more day and it will be Friday. Today I did another remix outfit. I wore this Top on July 24, 2010 and the Pants back in August 29th,2010. You can see those outfit by going to the side and clicking on the months. I decide to try brown and pink together and it turn out good. Also I'm glad you can't see the light blue pin stripes that my pants have in them. My necklace was a giving to me on my wedding day as something old. It was my MIL grandma necklace. Which I adore with all my heart. She gave me earring too but I lost one of them. I still have the one. 

Today Breast Cancer Item Is Gillette Venus Facebook Page. For everyone who like the page they will give $1.00 to breast cancer. You can like it HERE.



  1. Love the lacy neckline on the shirt. Happy Thursday to you too! :-)

    Call Me Ishmael

  2. Happy Thursday to you too have the cutest little flats...ever!!!

    Enter my Fab Tulle Giveaway♥

  3. Your pink shirt is too cute and at 40% off, what a find!

  4. I like this outfit on you. It's mature,professional and classy.

    --don't know why or how I missed it? Anyway, I think it's the brown bottoms that make you look so professional/mature.
    Also, it's hard to tell if you're heavy or thin w/ that top.
    This outfit for keeps!
    Honestly Ames, you DO wonders with Pink.
    It never even occurred to me that Pink could work SO well with brown.
    (oh...w/ the brown you've made it look seasonal too).


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