Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Month Spending and Saving Recap

Hello Everyone. It that time of month again. Where I brake down my spending for the month. I was good and didn't buy any shoe, makeup or hair stuff. 

  1. 4-11-11 150 Make Up Remove-11.49 From Costco ~ NEEDED IT ~Also won't need to get it for a few months.
  2. 4-11-11 Nail Polish Remove-.99 From Publix~NEED IT
  3. 4-13-11 Pink Skirt-5.99 From Ross~ Didn't Need it
  4. 4-17-11 Khaki Skirt From Old Navy normal 24.50 on clearance for 7.49 after 40% off =4.49. Didn't need it but I couldn't pass it up.
  5. 4-17-11 Blue Skirt From Old Navy normal 26.50 on clearance for 6.99 after 40% off=4.19 Didn't need it but I couldn't pass it up
  6. 4-20-11 Undies From VS-8.50 ~FREE with coupon
Total Spent-$27.15

Actually spent 16.15 after selling some clothe to Plato's closet and made $6.00. I also use my $5.00 Tip. 

Total Saving-$1,173.88

Saving So Far For The Year
January Saving~ 186.06
February Saving~208.91

Spending For The Year
January~50.17 but after Plato's closet and a return 27.00
February~ 0.00

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